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Essay on “Dimming Sun” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Dimming Sun

A blanket of smog hanging over India means the country is getting less and less sunlight, warn researches. But this phenomenon, known as ‘solar dimming’ may also protect against global warning.

India is getting about 5% less sunlight than it did     20 years ago, according to a study by Padma Kumari and colleagues at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology   in Pune. They studied data from the India Meteorological  Department, measuring differences in solar radiation at 12 stations across India between 1981 and 2004.

They found that the amount of solar radiation  reaching India’s land mass dropped on average by 0.86 watts per square meter each years. The decrease was greater during the 1990s than the 1980s, and on average corresponded to a 5% drop in sunshine over the two decades.

India is losing out on sunshine over the two decades.

India is losing out on sunshine because a cloud of tiny air –borne particles released by the nation’s industries hovers above the subcontinent, blocking light from reaching the Earth.

Masked warming

Similar dimming has been caused by Western nations too. The smog produced by the US and Europe during the 20th century spread worldwide and was responsible for a phase of ‘global dimming’. But when the West cleared up its smog pollution in the 1980s and 1990s, as smog pollution in India was increasing, clearer returned. Researchers have described that as ‘global brightening. According to research published in February 2007 by Martin wild of the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science in Switzerland, this global brightening was accompanied by an accelerated rise in global temperatures.

Similarly, kumara and colleagues believe that the real degree to which India is being warmed by greenhouse gas emissions is being masked by the cooling  effect        of the smog. Looking at temperature records since the 1980s, they found that maximum and minimum temperatures have both increased, but top different extents.

New Phase

Maximum temperatures, which occur during the day and are driven by sunshine, have  risen by just 0.04 C  because of the protective effect of the smog.

Meanwhile minimum , night time temperatures, which are independent of sunshine, have risen by a much greater 0.31 C.

The researchers also found that solar dimming over India was lessened during the monsoon season because the torrential rains brought the fine particles back down to Earth, allowing more sunshine to get through.

Other Asian countries are also likely to be experiencing solar dimming. Preliminary data that Wild and colleagues have form China suggests it is getting less and less sun as well because of rising particle pollution linked to industrialization.

So will the rising smog over India and China bring about a new phase of global dimming? There are good chances there indeed,’ says wild.  




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