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Essay on “Describe An Incidence ” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Describe An Incidence 

Your car fails in the middle of a forest at dusk. Suddenly you remember you have been warned of a rogue elephant in the forest that attacks people and cars.

It was the month of June and my family and I were enjoying us in Mussoorie. Father had taken his own car for sightseeing. One day in the afternoon when there was nothing else to do, my younger brother and I decided to have a ride in the car by ourselves without the drivers. I was at the wheels. First, we were on the way to Campy Fall. Having enjoyed the beautiful sight of the fall from some time, we decided to go forward on the road to Vikas Nagar. Our purpose was to enjoy the evening scene of a forest. There were tall salt trees on both he sides of the route and the density of the forest looked deeper in the evening shadows. My brother insisted on turning back. I had also no heart to go any farther. All of a sudden there was a queer sound in the engine of the car. Suddenly the car came to a halt. Knowing nothing about the mechanics of an engine, we found ourselves in a great fix. We were much frightened to see that there was no traffic on the road and no help could be expected from any quarter.

My brother and I consulted each other about what to do. We had a feeling that we should walk on foot to the nearest village for help. We could hire a bullock to drag the car back to any nearby place where we could get the help of a car mechanic.

As we were busy in our musings, we heard the trumpeting of an elephant not far from behind the trees. It seemed under his feet. A thought flashed across my mind that it might be the elephant about which I had heard that he was a great rogue an d mischief monger. It was his pet hobby to attack cars and people. My brother and I stood aghast for a very brief time, but the very next moment, we thought of a way of self defense. l We took out a small tin of petrol, sprinkled petrol on the dry bushes on all our sides and lighted fire. The bushes caught fire in no time. As the elephant appeared on the scene, we felt nervous. But we had some relief when we was that the elephant had no intention of crossing into he fire. He stood face to face with us for some time. He perhaps meant to tell us that he would wait for the fine to go out, but we also knew that we had a good stock of petrol. We were in no mood of losing our patience. He also saw it. Fire had encircles us so completely that no passage was left for the elephant to come on us.

After waiting for nearly ten minutes which was hell of time for us the elephant left the place. We heaved a sigh of relief. At this juncture, we saw a truck coming. We gave it at the end of the months signal; to halt. We told the driver of the truck the whole story. He came down and looked into the defect of the cart. He set the defect right in no time and we were on our way back to Mussoorie.


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