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Essay on “How I feel about the Hijackers” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

How I feel about the Hijackers

The news of the hijacking of an aero plane creates a lot of sensation, because it involves a number of innocent lives. The purpose of hijackers is either to get the persons of their party released from jail or the extract money or both. The persons who hijack an aero plane are generally from a n organization which believes in violence.

Such persons are extremists in the sense that they re not afraid of their own death. The Palestinians the protests the red guards comprise such organizations. Recently there have been two incidents of aero plane hijacking. In the first incident a Japan air lines was involved.

The hijackers belonged to a party of Japanese extremists. The forced the Japanese aero plane to land at Dacca negotiations with them to convey the gist of the same to the Japanese govt. They demand a very huge amount of money as ransom and release of the companions who were in jail in Japan. The Japanese govt. finding no other alternative acceded to their demand. They took the money and their freed companions into the aero plane and let off the passengers.

I feel that the act of hijacking an aero plane is a barbarous and cruel act for however genuine the grievances of the hijackers may be they are not the least justified in making innocent passengers their victims. No civilized govt. of the world is prepared to tolerate the death of a large number of aero plane passengers. So sometimes the demands of the hijackers are acceded to but I feel most unhappy on the submission of any govt. to the hijackers.

I wish that there could be stick checking of passengers before they board an aero plane. I can well realize the feelings of the passengers who are in a hijacked aero plane. They give us all hopes of escape. They pray to god for His mercy. Some of them have nervous breakdown as they look into the blood thirsty eyes of the hijackers.

 I have feelings of sheer appreciation for those intelligent and brave soldiers who are successful in rescuing the hijacked aero planes. Hats off to the Israeli and German soldiers who fructified the evil designs of the hijackers by killing them without harming the passengers. I feel very angry with any govt. which shows a soft corner to the hijackers.

I wish that no incident of hijacking should place in future.


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