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Essay on “Describe a Dust Storm” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Describe a dust storm in which you were recently caught

Essay No. 01

One day it so happened that my cousin and I were going on cycles to see the Taj Mahal. It was during the last vacation. I was staying with my uncle who was an S.P. at Agra in those days. My uncle’s son who is my age was with me. The day had been very hot and dull. So at nearly four in the afternoon, we picked up our cycles and made the Taj our first destination. We had a mind to go to see certain historical tombs at a distance of about eight miles from Agra. Hardly had we passed by the historical Red Fort, when our eyes, caught sight of a dull pale-colored sky in the west. Obviously, a dust storm was on its way.

As we went along, we were caught in the dust storm ongoing only a few hundred years further. Being pushed very strongly our cycles and dropped them on the roadside. We covered our eyes without hands and crouched low on the ground for our safety. Gradually the haziness of the scene changed into darkness and the whole of Nature seemed to be out of joint. Trees shook before the dust storm just as a man does before a giant. The sound of cracking and rustling was coming constantly as well as the face was being slapped by the merciless blasts of wind. Sometimes small pebbles flew and struck the body. Life itself was in danger. It was a most dreadful scene. Every minute we said God alone knew what would happen. At last, things took a turn for the better and the fury of the storm began to abate. The sky was clear in about fifteen minutes. Thank God that the god of rain did not lose his temper. Even then the harm that had been done was not little.

Now we picked our way. We found that run into a tree and got seriously damaged. Quite a large number of birds and their young ones had lost their lives and cloud be seen lying dead here and thirteen some very big trees had fallen and many had lost their branches. We could easily imagine what would have happened in the city. The next day we era dint the newspapers in the headlines. The like of the dust storm that came in Agra yesterday was never before seen during the last twenty years. Many lives were lost and great damages are done. We shall never forget the terrific storm.


Essay No. 02


A Dust Storm


It is said that dust storms are very common in deserts, particularly during the summer season. But I had a taste of it in my own town last Monday.

I was going on my bicycle to the market. It was afternoon. The day had been quite hot since morning.

It was just by chance that I looked towards the sky, especially because the sun’s light had suddenly grown dim.

The weather had been stuffy for so many hours. But I was surprised to find a sudden gush of wind making the cycle-riding difficult for me and to move forward. But determined as I was to go to the market, I continued my efforts.

I couldn’t realize then that the worst was yet to come. And it came sooner rather than later. In short, a violent storm overtook me and virtually reversed my march forward. I realized as if some force was compelling me to move backward.

As if this was not enough, I was soon engulfed in the violent cylindrical whirlwind. I felt as if I was going to be carried away by the cruel wind. To cap it all, a shower of dust fell on me and it was a few minutes later that I was able to see my entire body and all my clothes well-pasted or showered with fine particles of dust. For the time being, I only felt that my eyes had been blinded with dust and I could see nothing.

I heard the loud noise of the roaring wind as well as several hoardings and other articles being carried away by the wind.

Not much later, the storm was over. The atmosphere had cleared and the cool fresh wind began to blow. I did not find the compensation from Nature inadequate and felt satisfied despite all the inconvenience I had experienced.

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Essay No. 03

A Dust Storm

The months of the summer bring with them many hardships for the people. One such hardship is the continual occurrences of the dust-storm. A dust storm can be defined as powerful gusts of wind carrying with it large amounts of dust and mud.

There was a time when the dust-storms were limited to the desert areas of the country. However, with increasing deforestation and loss of tree cover, they have become common even in other parts of the country.

I had the misfortune of getting caught in the dust storm once. The day was as usual hot and uncomfortable. Not a leaf was moving, when all of a sudden the sky began to darken with yellow dust clouds. Soon the whole sky was covered with them. They hid the sun behind them. Within a few minutes, the wind started blowing. Initially, the speed of the wind was slow. However, it soon gathered momentum and a raging storm engulfed everything. Instead of rain, the sky was showering yellow-brown dust from the sky. It was a terrible sight. The wind was making shrieking and howling sounds. Many roofs were blown away in the wind. The storm uprooted many trees. The temperature had dropped suddenly. Many electric poles were damaged, plunging many localities into darkness.

The storm lasted about 30 minutes. The storm was followed by a light shower, which had brought relief to the people. The storm had disrupted the complete civic system. Traffic had come to a standstill. Many trees were uprooted and had blocked the roads. Electric wires and broken poles were everywhere.

As life came back to normal people saw that some persons were injured during the storm. There was large-scale damage all around. There were dust and mud all around. We realized that the damage control would take many days.

The only good thing that had come out of the storm was the change of weather. It had come as a harbinger of rains. And true enough only a few days after the storm the rains came and brought relief from the sting of the hot weather.


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