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Essay on “Describe a Rainy Day” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Describe a Rainy Day

One fine morning in the Rainy Season, surendra and Hamid two friends went to a rive for a bath. Hasid’s dog, Jack was also with them. At the river Hamid went into deep water and was going to be drowned. Just at that time, Jack jumped into the water. Imagine and describe what happened next.

I am going to relate the story of Surender’s and Hamid’s drowning adventure exactly in the way I was told of it by them. During August, last year on a Sunday, Surendra and Hamid decided to go to the river Jumuna for having a bath, it was an extremely fine morning. The sky clear and a cool, pleasant and refreshing breeze was blowing. Hamid’s dog Jack accompanied them. On the way, Surendra and Hamid had a pleasant conversation. Hamid asked Surendra how a person felt when he was getting drowned and he cloud not say anything on the subject. Still, he could imagine that a person got stifled when water went into his mouth at the time of drowning. They reached the river side in this way enjoying the fine morning and pleasant talk.

On reaching the river side, they found that there was a rush of people on the ghat. They crossed the river by means of a boat and went to the other side. There were hardly a few people there, Jack was all the time with them. They undressed themselves and entered the water. Surendra did not know how to swim and so he had not the courage of going into deep water. But Hamid could swim like a fish. He went into deep water. He was swimming when he was caught into an eddy of water. Sometimes he stretched his limbs and sometimes he gave himself a push to some up, but down he went again. There was great struggle between him and the waves. Hamid was losing the ground every minute. He raised his hand for help.

Surendra could not do anything since he did not know even the .A.B.C. of swimming. He cried for help in his despair. The dog who watching the scene most carefully lost no time in reaching Hamid. He caught him by the under were and tried to pull him back. He made one after another effort. His fight to help him master was most heroic.

In the meantime, several swimmers who were taking their bath nearby came. A boat also case hurrying in the same there action. The swimmers lifted Hamid and with a heavy push they threw him into the boat. By this time, he had become unconscious. He was brought to the bank. Surendra and others gave him first aid and it took him fifteen minutes to come back to his senses. Everybody praised Jack for his intelligence, bravery, faithfulness and timely help. The faithful dog licked his master lovingly, Surendra patted the dog licked his master lovingly. Surendra patted the dog to express his thankfulness to him, for having saved his dear friend.

The standers by advised hamid not to try o into deep water in future. The advised Surendra to take Hamid home, give him hot milk and then put him to rest. Hamid, Surendra and Jack, all the three returned home by a taxi.


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