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Essay on “A Rainy Day” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Rainy Day

One day, as you step out of your house, you find the sky overact with clouds. You hardly cover a little distance when it begins to rain. Describe how you were caught in the shower.


It was the 15th July. My school was to open that day after the summer vacation. The sky was overcast with thick dark clouds.

There was every likelihood of rain. So my parents asked me to stay at home. But I was very anxious to go school after such a long break.

I took my books and started for the school. I walked fast test I should be caught in the rain. But I had hardly covered a few yards when it began to rain. In a few seconds it began a Neem tree. But my clothes got almost drenched. I tried to hide a better shelter. I ran towards a big banyan tree. It gave me some relief. But it became a heavy downpour. Water began to drip through the leaves of the tree.

By this time all my clothes were completely wet. I was holding my books near to my heart. I loved them. I feared that they would be spoiled in the rain. I thought it better to run to the school. So I rushed towards it. Running was very difficult. There was water and ground had become slippery. Strong winds coming from the opposite direction also checked me from running. My shoes had become heavy, so it become very difficult for me to step further. Suddenly I fell down on the ground with my nose striking against it. I at books which were floating on water. The books were totally we ad soiled.

The school was now at hand. So I took off my shoes and taking them in hand, I ran towards it. With a great effort, I reached my school. I wrung my clothes to squeeze out water from them and placed my books on the teacher’s table under a ceiling fan.

Our principal asked all the students to get together in a verandah. Only a few students had come on that day. The principal was much pleased with us. He spoke encouraging words. He praised us and wished us success in life. The school was then closed for the day. I reached my house where my mother was anxiously swatting for me. She gave me a cup of hot tea to which I did full justice. I changed my clothes and left comfortable.


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