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Essay on “Careers for Women in India” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Careers for Women in India

After independence, a revolutionary change has taken place in the position and power of woman. According to our Constitution, men and women have equal fundamental rights. She has been allowed to join any profession. Today, we have women-legislators, women-minister’s, women ambassadors, women-governors and even had a woman Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi. There are woman-lawyers, doctors, teachers, clerks and even women civil and military officers-some of them are occupying top-most positions even, with the encouragement of co-education in the country, our modern sisters and daughters all have cast oil their old inferiority complex and today they are marching side by side with their brothers in every walk of life. Mrs. Vijay Lakshmi Pandit, one of the oldest politicians of our country, created a singular record by becoming President of the United Nations General Assembly

Indian women have distinguished themselves in various fields of life. It is now a well established fact that women are more intelligent, hard-working, efficient and painstaking than men in every walk of life. In spite of the above mentioned situation, women in general, are not suited to every profession. There are certain professions and careers which the women should choose because mentally, physically and culturally they are more suitable to these professions.

The best career for women in India is that of teacher. Women are academically better and socially more active. We come across the results of prominent courses in Indian universities and surprisingly our young women capture most of the merit seats. At the primary stage, a female teacher is more competent than a male teacher. In the primary Stage of education, women can prove themselves the best teachers by virtue of their gift of sympathy, love, sweet smile, affection and honeyed tongue. They can understand better than men the tender psychology of a child and can canalize its energies into proper and useful directions. The kindergarten and Montessori systems of education are being implemented mostly by women in India.

The second profession or career for which women are suited in that of a doctor or a nurse. As doctors and nurses, women can serve the country more efficiently than men. It has been found that women on account of their tender hearts are better nurses and due to their naturally delicate and soft hands they are better surgeons. There is a grain of truth in the saying “A woman’s voice is a cure and her touch a balm.” Florence Nightingale, the lady with a lamp, made history and showed the way to womankind how efficiently and nobly they can mitigate the sufferings of humanity in wars and epidemics.

Women have proved better lawyers and judges than men. The woman in them enables them to understand the reality and to dive deep into human motives and psychology and thus, to put across facts and arguments, and as judges to judge things.

There is one more field of life where women can serve the nation and prove themselves most profitable-~the Family Planning. Educated and enlightened women can enter into this department of Indian life and can render admirable service of explaining to the village women the importance of family planning by taking them into confidence and can guide them practically by telling them different methods of birth control. It is the need of the hour. If all the educated women accept the challenge of time and make up their minds to serve the nation on checking the growth of population, they will excel their counterparts as patriots. Every woman cannot become a judge, a teacher and an administrator, but every woman can become a nurse, a teacher and a social worker. The best careers for women in the modern India are of a teacher, a doctor or a nurse and a family-planning worker.

Apart from these professions, women have worked remarkably well as receptionists and air hostesses. By and by, they are monopolizing the jobs. Women, in general, are working in various capacities in India, the arc typists, stenographers, assistants, bus conductors, telephone-operators, musicians, radio singers, TV. news and Other programme announcers, needle-women, painters and sales-women. Today we have even women engineers and technocrats. And the most lucrative career is that of acting in films, TV. films and serials and stage-plays. We have also many most talented and successful women small-scale entrepreneurs who are doing commendable work by their excellent Business management. A few have been honored by National Awards.

Women are no longer physically unfit for military and police departments. Who in the whole length and breadth of India, has not read or heard of Kiran Bedi, the Indian Police Officer with an iron hand and a bleeding heart? Women should be encouraged to join these departments. India does not lack in Woman power, they should be recruited in police and military.

B.S.F., CREE and Delhi, Mumbai and U. P. Police have raised Mahila Battalions. With the lead taken by Miss Ahluwalia, we shall soon have skilled women-pil0ts to take us to the realms of the atmosphere. Really, women are less selfish and more serviceable than men by nature. The future of India is bright indeed with woman’s emancipation and participation in national reconstruction.


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