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Essay on “A Remote Controlled Child” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Remote Controlled Child

We are knocking at the door of the 21st century but most of the parents still seem to live in the middle ages. Their attitude towards young children betrays feudalistic tendencies. Many of them still believe in ‘ spare the rod and spoil the child’. It is very  unfortunate that millions of children are condemned to lead a life where they remain mere puppets controlled by their all- powerful parents or elders. They have no freedom of making a choice even in their personal matters. They are remote – controlled , constantly being fed on counseling and guidance of their parents, elders and teachers.

Sometimes parents and teachers have such unreasonable expectations from children that it is beyond their capacity to fulfil them. After all, each child can’t stand first in the class or get highest marks in every subject. Our elders never realize that too much of pressure both in school and at home can even make a child suffer from  a mental breakdown. Parents, elders and our teachers impose their views and try to kill initiative and drive in them. Some of the people are so conservative and rigid that they consider it dangerous to give more freedom to the growing children. They should take a lesson from the West where children are given an absolute freedom in shaping themselves into responsible Youngman.

Studies on children’s mind have revealed that it takes time of cognition to occur in all concepts. The child understands and enjoys learning in its own terms. As children fail to comprehend concepts presented too fast and in topic after topic they end up by memorizing information which are reproduced parrot like in examination. Thus learning is not a joyful experience.

The Yash Pal report had noted. “The important thing in children’s education ought to be concept – formation and growth of capacity for theory-building, rather than possession of vast amounts of information.” But understanding is confused with acquisition of facts and information with knowledge. The report said, “So great is the neglect of understanding in education today that a child can pass any examination without having to understand a phenomenon but simply by cramming facts.”

There is a call to review the syllabi and text- books for all schools for deciding the minimum number of topics that need to be taught, the minimum number of concepts to be introduced within each topic and the total time needed for teaching this minimum number of concept comfortably. We must stress the need for experimentation and for linking topics to activities to by pupils and teachers.

Recent studies have indicated that the brain best develops in an interesting environment.

Every student is unique and has his own special abilities and potential. Our educational system is called child- centre education. But in reality, it is teacher – centered or information centered. Education is a device for helping a child to grow his full stature. It enable him to realize his nature both mentally and spiritually. It is to the child what perfect gardening is to the tree. A good gardener helps each plant to put forth that essential quality of its own that differentiates it from all other plants and makes it a thing of use and beauty. A good educator performs the duty of a gardener. A child has a right to such  development but no chance is given for developing child’s creativity or capacity to appreciate the world around her/him. The purpose of teacher has become to impart information within a given time frame. At present the teacher is reduced to a more employee. He has no time to unfold the potentials of the human mind.

In the last, we should also understand that student are human. They are not robots. They are humans of flesh and blood. They may feel their responsibility. We should give children chance and freedom to choose their own path. No student is dull by birth. It is the society, educational system and lack of mutual understating forcing the students to be passive. Do not make them robots controlled by remote. Deschooling    is the result of this feeling.


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