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Essay on “A Visit to the Mughal Garden” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Visit to the Mughal Garden

No mortal can deny the bewitching impact of beauty of nature. A thing of beauty touches the very heart of the onlookers. Beauties of nature are the greatest gifts of God to man. Apart from influencing the heart beauties of nature elevate the soul. They exert ennobling effect also. Beauties of nature are in abundance, in the Mughal Garden which is situated in the Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi. It can safely be called the garden of all gardens having exquisite beauty, elegance and splendour. It’s very sight is breathtaking. This garden sees the footfalls of common people every year in the month of February.

I with my bosom friend Dilip, went to see the Mughal Garden. It was not too cold. The weather was at its best, the best-time to be in the lap of nature. There was no entry ticket. The moment we crossed the threshold of its main gate we were thrilled. We thought we had been transported to the realm of heavenly beauty. No din and disturbance. Pollution had died its own death here.

Stony footpaths, meandering with a maze motion, looked charming and enthralling. A man made stone serpent like paths invited us to walk over them. On either side of the footpaths there was velvety-lush green grass inviting us to roll over it. Lawns were so spacious that our eyes could not measure them.

As we moved forward our nostrils felt intoxicating fragrance of multi-coloured flowers. The rose flowers alone had many hues. I could not believe if this could be possible. Stunted trees looked simply fantastic.

We saw `Bara Dari’. The path there was covered with creepers and blossoms. A circular tank surrounded by multi coloured fragrant flowers was simply breathtaking.

Grassy plots looked like carpets. Water falling from the playful fountains down on and near the lotus flowers cast a spell on us. Cypress trees looked like sentinels.

It was not the wild nature in the Mughal Garden. It cultivated one and looked like a bride who had just come out of a beauty parlour, all dazzling and mystifying.


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