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Essay on “A Visit to a Temple” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Visit to a Temple

Essay No. 01

A temple has a special place in Indian Hindu life. It is an exclusive place where people go to worship, to pay their thanks to some Overseeing power for His bounties and blessings.

There was a time when education was imparted in temples but it was purely religious.

It is my routine to visit a temple. On the day of a festival I went to a temple early in the morning. The temple was humming with activities. The priest was worshipping the gods and goddesses with a lighted lamp. He was humming some holy hymns. When the singing of praise of idols was over he gave ‘prasad’ to the devotees who- had gathered there to have the glimpse of gods and goddesses. Thereafter, sermons began. A priest rendered a sweet but gloomy song telling the realities of the mundane world. The head priest spoke on God, life and soul. Devotees listened to the song and discourse with their eyes closed and occasionally clapping their hands.

As the time passed people began to pour in with sweets, flowers and fruits. They placed their offerings at the altar, bowed and sat down to count the beads. Many devotees pushed currency notes and coins in the iron chest. Like other devotees I touched each image with my hands which I also applied to my eyes and then took a few rounds of the images. Almost all rang the bells hanging from the ceiling. They sat on the mats to pray.

When I came out of the temple, I saw a large number of beggars asking for alms. There was a great commotion. Two or three dogs were also there to get something to eat. I had something from a roadside eatery and again entered the temple. Stream of the devotees was as usual. I touched the images and without taking an about-turn I came out of the temple room and started for home on bare foot because someone had stolen my shoes.

Temple is really a place where one can have some moments of peace and tranquility. People visit temple to pray to God to fulfill their desires. Temple is a place where man really starts believing that he is mortal and he must do some good deeds to find a place at the feet of the Almighty.

Essay No. 02

A Visit to A Temple


A Visit to Birla Mandir

Last month I visited Birla Mandir. It is situated on Mandir Marg: My parents were also with me. We took off our shows at the entrance and they were put on a rack. We were given a ticket with the number of the rack on it. We washed our hands and climbed up a few steps. The varandah was built of square white and black marble blocks. It was neat and clean.

Then we walked a few yards. There were big idols of gods and goddesses. In front of them were iron boxes with slits to put the money in by the devotees. I got a ten rupees a note and pushed it in and bowed before the idol of Lord Rama. There were many big idols of Ganesha, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Siva and Parvati. Bells were dangling at many- places. The atmosphere was calm and peaceful. The smell of agarbattis filled our nostrils. The whole place looked pious and holy. We saw shlokas inscribed on the walls on all sides. There were carved pictures also. There were many people like us.

Some of them were reading the shalokas. Some were bowing before idols of Gods and Goddesses. Some were taking charnamatrit from the priest. On the right-hand side is Geeta Bhawan. People were sitting and chanting holy words. One lady was beating a drum. Other ladies were singing in a chorus. The whole Geeta Bhawan looked as if we were transported to heaven. We sat there for half an hour. We came out and went to the back of the main building. There we found crowds of people moving in one direction. There was an artificial cave. We too went inside it and came out from the other side to our right. There was open space. In the middle was a pond. On either side of it were pathways.

To the west was a raised platform. Some people were seen standing there. We came to the side where there were shops. There were snacks and drinks. We too had coffee with samosa. We came back to the side where huge elephants of stone were. They presented a good sight.

Next, we went to the main gate. We gave our tickets and got back our shoes. We again washed our hands. Once again we bowed facing the building of the temple and came back home in a taxi. It was a memorable visit.


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