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Essay on “A Visit to the Rajghat” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Visit to the Rajghat

With the passage of time the Rajghat has assumed the status of a pilgrimage. It is situated on the right bank of the Yamuna River. Here Mahatma Gandhi, the greatest mortal after Gautam Buddha, was cremated in January, 1948. People do not treat this spot as a picnic spot but a- place of great reverence.

All foreign dignitaries feel honoured visiting this place and paying their floral tributes to Mahatma .Gandhi. Not a single day passes when wreaths of flowers are not placed on the `Samadhi’.

The Rajghat can rightly boast of its natural beauty. Its grassy plots, beautiful trees and flower beds are just superb. On January 30 every year all the great leaders of the country throng this place to pay their respects to Gandhiji. Ram Dhun’, the favourite song of Gandhiji, is sung and its echoes send ripples of serenity and peace in the atmosphere.

Just outside the Rajghat, a covered parking Space invites the visitors to park their vehicles there. The gates were painted green. Visitors showing proper decorum and behaving as per the sanctity of the place went inside one by one. No pushing, no elbowing. An army of persons keep the place spick and span. Before entering I took, off my shoes and washed my hands as if I was entering a temple. I was having a bouquet. I went round the samadhi and placed my bouquet on it. With closed eyes and with folded hands I bowed before the Altar.

It is said that before closing his eyes, Gandhiji uttered ‘Hare Ram’. These very words are written in bold letters on the Samadhi. I saw a box placed nearby. I put some coins into it. After bowing with reverence once again, I came out. Before heading for home visited the Gandhi Museum near the Rajghat. Then I hired an auto and started for home.


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