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Essay on “A Visit To National Science Centre” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Visit To National Science Centre

The National Council of Science Museum has opened many National Science Centers around the country. The aim of this council is to show different uses of science in different fields with educational point of view. There are many National Science Centres. I was lucky to have a chance of visiting the National Science Centre in Delhi.

During last summer vacation I happened to go to Delhi with my mother to see my uncle. He is a lecturer in a college in Delhi. He has two children. One son and one daughter. I saw many things but a visit to National Science Centre was a memory for me.

I went there with my cousin who was a student of tenth class at that time. We were three. The first thing that hit me was the number of children there. I saw many foreigners also. Children from different states could be seen there. Delhi is in real sense a capital of India. He can see different culture of different states assembling there. So it was a thing of wonder for me to see so many children in different costumes speaking different local languages.

As I stepped into the first gallery , it seemed that I had entered a different world. All around me, there was knowledge available in different and very interesting forms. The first gallery was representing ancient civilizations stepwise. How the early man lived, what he ate, how he thought etc. there were shown many mind puzzling problems which made me thing how difficult was our life living among wild animals. The information on past scientists and mathematicians was also there. Industrial development in the past and the present was also exhibited. The last part of the gallery was full of plant fossils and the stories of extinct animals that had ruled in the past.

The second gallery was about fun with science. Here I could see the children who were participating in the centre’s summer programme having  lots of fun. We could see their 10 to 13 year- olds sawing pieces of wood or hammering them together, to make scientific models. A strange thing, even the parent of the participates were  enjoying themselves.

Principles of science have been used to from simple yet engrossing games. They can occupy one for long. At the end of gallery, there is a tiny planetarium built like an igloo. There is also a Dinosaur Enclave which has four very life-like models of dinosaurs. The third gallery has the details of information revolution. The third gallery has the details of information revolution. The fourth gallery has the knowledge of computers equipped with all the latest machines. In the last of this gallery, information about Noble laureates of the present was presented. The fifth gallery has revolution of the emerging technologies in the world. This was followed by a 3-D, graphic representation of life as we live it today. Man’s space progress was also shown. The practical  knowledge gained in these galleries was more than what I could have learnt in the class room. Always remember to visit this real fun way of science. 


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