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Essay on “A Visit To A Radio Station” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Visit To A Radio Station

Essay # 1

I have visited many places but this visit to the radio station is always memorable. It is such an important place where we can not enter without taking permission. My class teacher took permission from concerning authorities and planned to visit Delhi Radio Station. We requested our Principal to allow our class on a decided day to go for a visit. 

It was July 14, 1999. We were ready to go for a visit. We were waiting for our school bus. At 9.00 we started our journey for visit. We were thirty students. we had our water – bottle and lunch box. We were in school uniform. We reached half-past nine. The building of the radio station was grand. There were many rooms allotted for different activities. There were many nameplates and office activity titles. So it became easy to understand the activity of a particular room.

First of all, we entered the announcer’s room. It was soundproof. No sound was allowed. Light arrangement was impressive, this, we went into the recording room. The incharge of that room was very gently and co-operative. He explained everything about recording programmes in advance. I also saw the drama section. There were different ready-made plots. Scenes of the aeroplane,  huts were there permanently.

We passed two hours yet we had to see many items. We decided to go first to really section. It was a technical section. Engineers were busy with their work. One of them came forward to receive and guide us. He made clear how different channels work. He also told about transmitters. There were many machines. We also asked some questions and we got satisfaction.

We were very glad. This visit was a means of recreation as well as knowledge. We were obtaining new and detailed knowledge with practical demonstration. We passed here three and a half hours but we felt no tiredness. We were thanking our class teacher for planning such a charming visit programme.  

There was a lovely park nearby. So it was decided to enjoy lunch. To hear this announcement, we felt that really it was lunchtime. We were so busy with the charming visit. We forgot our lunchtime.

At 6 p.m. it was decided to go back. We came to our school and saw it there. My father was waiting for me. I reached home with my father at 7.30. this visit is a lovely memory of our student life.


Essay # 2

The Radio Station

Radio forms an important part of our lives. It is present in every home in the country.

Not many people have been inside the Radio Station. It is, therefore, a matter of great curiosity to see a Radio Station

I saw a Radio Station for the first time when I went to give an audition test. I had to take a pass at the gate before entering the premises. Inside the building, I saw many people going about their business. Some of them were carrying spools and tapes, while others were carrying written sheaves of paper.

Many other people had come to give the audition test. We were asked to wait inside a room. We were each given a number. My number was ten. There was a door connecting our waiting room. They called us by our numbers through the door. One by one each of us went inside the room. Some came out after only a fu, minutes others took a little longer. When my turn came I became very nervous. I opened the door. It led to a small gallery at the end of which there was another door. I opened that door and walked into a room. It had a microphone and a table and chair. This room had one glass wall. There was some recording machinery behind this glass wall. I could make out a few people sitting there. A voice over the intercom asked me to identify myself by speaking into the microphone. I talked into the microphone, I told my name, age and qualification. There was a written piece of paper on the table, I was asked to read it. I did as I was told. The voice over the intercom then thanked me and requested me to leave the room.

After I came out of the room the official present outside asked me to wait till the result was announced

It was another forty-five minutes before the result was announced. I was thrilled to know that I was one of the successful candidates.


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