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Essay on “A Visit to National Museum ” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Visit to National Museum 

A museum is a place where articles and archaeological artifacts are kept. These things reflect a country’s culture and civilization. A country’s ancient periods in their mini forms are present in a museum. Seeing the objects kept here we can get a vivid picture of the past of the country.

The National Museum in New Delhi is housed in an elegant structure and it has many departments that cover different subjects and periods of history. The entire museum is divided into, many compartments like archaeological division, anthropological division, display section, etc.

The National Museum is three-storeyed structure. Its ground floor has a number of articles, images, rock-engraved scriptures, sculptures, etc. These things awaken the curiosity of the onlookers.

I moved to the first floor where I saw charts, murals and paintings I saw. My eyes wondered seeing manuscripts various languages. Ancient robes, dresses and weapons simply attracted my attention towards them. In the numismatics section I saw coins of different periods. In a hall I viewed historic Ajanta and Ellora paintings. On one side charts and scriptures were depicting the lives of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and Lord Buddha. Seeing all this I was filled with reverence for the ancient glory of my country.

On the second floor I saw the remains of Indus Valley Civilization. Seeing this I concluded how advanced that civilization was! I saw the remains of the Old Stone Age and the New Stone Age.

The third floor has the military equipments. Different weapons, armours, various dresses of the warriors of ancient times etc. convinced me that our warriors were really great and bodily all perfect.

Paintings belonging to the Mughal period kept me spell bound.

The entire museum presented India in its past glory and gave me reasons to feel proud of my country. My visit was a thrilling experience. With vivid memories of the past glory of India I came out and started for my home.


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