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Essay on “A Visit to A Hill Station” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Visit to A Hill Station

The very mention of the magical two words—Hill station—sends ripples of romance and thrill throughout one’s body. A hill station presents before our eyes the picture of a place where beauties of nature are in abundance. It is a place far away from the madding crowd and pollution of the city. It is a place where sky and mountains kiss each other, Panacea for scorching heat is hill station.

We, a group of five friends, bade a temporary goodbye to ‘Delhi and started for Shimla. At Kafka we boarded a train and our journey through hills started. Reaching Shimla we reached our lodge situated in the midst of natural beauty.

Shimla is one of the most beautiful hill stations’ in India. There are many places worth-seeing at Shimla. On the day of our arrival we visited the Mall- and lower bazar just for a change.

Next day we visited Jakhu temple in the Jakhu hills. The way to this temple goes from the ridge and the path is steep. By midday we returned. We were dog tired and spent three

to four hours in our lodge. In the evening we went to the ridge and enjoyed fast food over there. On our last day at Shimla we went to enjoy skating in a skating ring on the Mali Road. Then we went to Kufri, a tourist spot just ten kilometres from Shimla. We shivered in the cold wind which was blowing furiously over there, Fagu ‘is another tourist spot but we could not visit it because we were ‘running short of time.

Next, day was our departure day. In the morning we went for a long walk. The- sun-rise was simply captivating. From nowhere a drizzle started. We rushed to our lodge and closed the doors as friendly clouds wanted to enter our room. At nine in the night we were to depart and proceed to Delhi by bus. In the evening Shimla looked exotic with twinkling, lights everywhere.

As our bus drove back to- we wished that we could have remained in the lap, of nature for a few days more. Our visit to Shimla was thoroughly eventful. In our camera we had imprisoned the natural scenes which would keep the memories of the place ever fresh in our mind.


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