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Essay on “A Visit to a Zoo” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Visit to a Zoo

Zoo is a place where birds, animals, beasts and reptiles are kept in cultivated houses giving an impression of natural surroundings. One can’t go to the forests to see these creatures. Moreover, these cannot be seen at one go. So, zoo is there where one can see these creatures at one huge place. Large area of land is covered for the maintenance of zoos.

The zoo at Delhi is one of the biggest in India. It covers a vast tract of land and inhabits a big variety of animals and birds. All efforts are made to provide these creatures with natural habitat. In the Delhi zoo one can spot rare varieties of birds and animals brought from foreign lands.

I and my friend bought two tickets and entered the zoo. A little walk brought us to a lake in which some water birds were swimming. Swans and ducks and migratory birds greeted us. Then we came to the enclosures in which fowls were kept. Hopping colourful birds amused us a lot. The centre of attraction was the high-necked ostrich.

In the animal section there were zebras, lions, elephants, wolves, bears. The King of the jungle, the lion, tigers and bears were in separate enclosures. A pair of rhinoceros was in deep muddy water. Hippopotamus-couple greeted us opening their mouth. Then we came to a garden where deer and stags were frisking about. On the trees monkeys and baboons were jumping. Some children were making faces at them. Some people threw food grains and eatables to them which they greedily gulped down.

After this we saw aquatic animals. Fish of many species fidgeting in water looked very charming. Nearby there were polar bears and in a cage a huge black bear.

Then we came to the enclosure where there were two chimpanzees moving about like human beings.

Thus in the zoo there were lion from Africa, the Kangaroo from Australia, the zebra, the polar bear, the gorilla, the white tiger, the white peacocks, colourful parrots, crocodiles, pythons and what not.

Zoo saves the species from extinction. It gives fun and knowledge. It tells us how great an artist the Almighty is! It also creates love and Sympathy for our fellow creatures. We came out of the zoo with a desire to visit it again.


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