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Essay on “A visit to a Hospital as an Outdoor Patient” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A visit to a Hospital as an Outdoor Patient

Of all the places that a man likes to visit, one is such as nobody would ever like to go to. It is the hospital which a man abhors the most. But still circumstances sometimes compel an individual to act against his desire. I, too was once put to such an ordeal.

It was the occasion of my birthday party. Friends and relatives were present to wish me many happy returns. In the meantime a friend asked for a glass of water. I was in my spirits that day. So I rushed to do the job myself.

I took a glass from the almirah and began to wash it clean. But, lo! What happened? There was a big crash. The glass was broken and my palm was badly cut. It began to bleed profusely. I threw the glass away and gave a loud cry.

Everybody ran for my help. Domestic first aid was given tome but the blood would not stop. There was blood over my clothes and on the floor. Faintness was coming over me. It was decided that I should be rushed to the hospital.

Within minutes a taxi was hired and I was taken to the Emergency ‘Ward of the Loknayak Jai Parkas Narayan Hospital.

There were several other emergency cases. A patient suffered from cholic pain and he cried like anything. Another was girls whose case was very critical. A needle had broken into her finger and the broken piece was slipping fast, with the circulation of blood. The third one was badly injured in a family quarrel. His leg was fractured. With them were their relations, near and dear ones. Everybody told a tale of woe.

My heart was badly palpitating. I was quite nonplussed to see the bandage turned red with blood. The doctor sympathized with me and consoled that I would be alright very soon. His kind words had a healing effect upon me.

Hurriedly I was taken to a particular room where I was laid on a long table. Then came the doctor accompanied by a nurse. On another table nearby were arranged various types of surgical instruments. I was simply taken aback to think that those sharp instruments would be applied upon me. How would I be able to stand them?

The doctor gave certain instructions to the nurse. She prepared an injection and gave it to my arm. It made the arm stunned and the pain also became less. The doctor then washed my wound several times. It was quite deep. The doctor was now ready to do the operation.

Though it was a minor operation, I was highly alarmed. Getting everything at hand, the doctor mercilessly cut my would open and removed the pieces of glass from there. After that the world was stitched up. Five stitches were there on the side on my palm.

After that certain tablets were prescribed for me and I was then discharged with the instructions to come again after eight days for the removal of the stitches.

I came back home after about two hours and took complete rest’s In due course my wound healed up and I was all right.

Whenever someone looks at my palm and asks about the thick line over there, I tell him that it is the taken of my visit to a hospital.


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