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Essay on “A visit to a Circus” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A visit to a Circus

Essay No. 01

The Kamla Circus came here last month. A huge tent was erected in the Parade Grounds. The show was announced through newspapers and posters. I had never been to a circus before. So I made up my mind trod see it with my friend.

On last Sunday we reached the circus just in the nick of time. It being a holiday, there was a great rush. We felt much disappointed, for we had no hope of getting the tickets. In the meantime I noticed two gentlemen talking to gather beside us. One of them was not feeling well. Hence they decided to return their tickets which they got through advance booking’s we requested them for the tickets and they acceded to our request. We got the tickets and went in. Inside the tent seats were arranged in a half circle around a stage or platform and it was as day. No sooner were we seated than the show began.

First of all two strange looking fellows came on the stage. Their faces were painted red and white. Their dress was very funny. Their trousers and shirts were partly red and partly yellow and blue and they had long conical caps on their heads. They played many funny tricks which sent us into laughter so much that our ribs began to break. These two players were the clowns of the circus.

Next came in five beautiful horses with five riders on their back. The band began to play a dance tune, a d the horse danced round and round, to the tune of sweet music. The clowns stood on the backs of the chancing horses. They jumped from horse to horse, turned somersaults in the air, and came down lightly on the saddles. The crowd clapped against and again.

Then came in three girls performing wonderful feats of gymnastics.
They were running on ropes hanging parallel to the ground. A title later an elephant was brought in. He danced, played upon musical instruments and did many other wonderful tricks. He sat down on a little stool and saluted us with his trunk.

The most wonderful sight was, of course, the tricks of the tame lions. The, lion tamer had the front of his shirts covered all over with gold and silver medals, which shone brightly in the light of electric bulbs. He went into the lions cage and cracked his whip. The lions roared so dreadfully that I thought they were going to eat up the poor tamer. The tamer cracked his whip again and again and made them do wonderful tricks. We were simply and again and to see his courage and peace of mind.

The show was over at 9-15 p.m. Every spectator spoke very highly of it.

Essay No. 2

A Visit To A Circus

Circus is a good source of recreation. It was only last year that White Raman Circus came to Agra. There was a good deal of advertisement in the town. Big posters were pasted on the walls. A large number of people went to see it every day. They praised it very highly. So I had a strong desire to see it. One evening, I went there in the company of my friends. 

When I reached the circus, I was a very big tent. The circus band was playing. Electric blubs were shining outside the tent. A man was standing on a high platform. He was warning clothes of many colours. He looked very funny. He was joker. He was number of men, women  and children were standing at the booking window. We took our tickets and went in.

I reached the circus ground in the evening before the time of the show. There were many other students of my school. We went together in a party of the manager an requested him  to give us tickets at the concession rate. He agreed. So , in spite of the great rush we bought our tickets before the start of the show.

The circus hall was very big. It had been erected on beams and was covered with thick cloth. There were seats one above the other all round. There were seats on the gourd  also near the ring. Others sat on carpets on the ground. The bell rang after a short interval.

At the right time there came an actor. He showed his feats  of physical exercise. There was a little girl. She could turn her body in  any direction . she could make a bundle of herself. It appeared that she had no bones. There came other  actors who showed  their skill in riding horses. The rider could leap from one horse to another. Sometimes he stood on the back of a horse.  A man showed his skill in riding on a cycle in all kinds of ways. A girl danced on wire. Another rode on cycle on a wire. A monkey also rode on a cycle and caused a great fun. Many elephants saluted us with lifted trunks. All animals were well trained.

The most difficult was shooting with an arrow with eyes blind- folded. The most interesting  was  the show of lions. They obeyed the order of the ring master inside the cage like goats. The ring master boldly whipped them when they made mistakes. He sat on a chair. Two lions stood on either side and put their paws on his shoulders. A third lion stood behind and put his paw on the head. Then a goat climbed on the back of the third and stood there. This  was the most wonderful scene. It was the last scene.


Essay No. 03


A Visit to The Circus

I like the circus show very much. Last Month the Gemini Circus came to our town. It brings actors acrobats and performers from various parts of the country. They perform tricks that attract everybody and people like to visit the circus again and again.

We reached the circus gate at 4.00 pm and purchased our tickets for the entrance. We sat down comfortably with our packets of chips and popcorn, when all of a sudden we heard the loud trumpeting of an elephant.

An acrobat sat on the elephant’s back. She suddenly began to perform on his back, she would turn around and sometimes stand on her head or on one hand. The horse was trotting around on the ring.

The jokers cheered us all up a lot. They were dressed in colourful clothes and their faces were painted with beautiful colours which made them look very funny.

The gymnasts performed for an hour. The bodies of these gymnasts are very supple and it is amazing to see them moving their body as though it ware rubber.


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