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Essay on “A Visit to a Hair Dresser” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Visit to a Hair Dresser

Now a days, hair dressing saloons are quite different from what they had been a few years back. When you enter the saloon, you find people reading newspapers and periodicals and waiting for their turns. The owner of the salon greets you very politely and you also join the others waiting there. When your turn comes the barber takes a white apron, sometimes not very clean and fastens it loosely around your neck, covering your upper front, so that the hair should not fall on your clothes. Then he combs your hair should not fall on your clothes, and then he combs your hair, and dusts it with talcum powder. He picks up a pair of scissors and starts trimming your hair. He changes combs and scissors very often but does not allow you to change your posture. Sometimes when you try to rise hour ahead a little bit, he gives you a gentle thrust from above and keeps you maintaining the position as he wishes. Sometimes, he holds you by the chin and sets your face in the position he deems suitable for his work. While trimming your hair, hatch you by the ear, but you don’t resent. Had it been someone else you would not allow this kind of affront but the Raja is free to do so. He then combs and examines the hair several times and assures himself that the hair has been cut properly and in t eh popular style because if he does not do so work he uses the razor and then the hair cutting machine to remove every superfluous hair that comes out protruding. Now he rubs oil into your hair. The massage is very soothing and you feel steeply in the chair, but just then he claps his hands over your reads and declares you may leave the chair. Do not be an unwanted customer.


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