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Essay on “A Visit to the Zoo” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Visit to the Zoo

“Come, hurry up. It is a very big round” came a loud cry from one side.

Hark! The king of the forest is roaring aloud” raised a noise from the other side.

“See the ditch. How artistically is it made!” remarked others. Groups of merry making should move about the vast premises of the zoo, making the above comments.

It was a fine Sunday morning when I, too, accompanied my younger brother to visit the zoo. A guide map displayed the surroundings and what is what of the zoo. The arrows indicated the directions we had to follow.

           The parrots, magic’s and sparrows were the first to welcome us. They were twittering and hopping about on their perches in the beautiful cages. Their surroundings were very natural. Some birds were quite strange to us we could know about them only from the plates under their cages.

           A white parrot with its beautiful plume and eyes half closed sat on its perch. It appeared to ponder over some serious problem of the world. The long beaks, lovely colors and sweet notes of certain birds beggared description.

           On proceeding further we come to the section of wild animals, it was the most thrilling. It contained lions, tigers, bears, anthers and other animals. They were all kept in separate cages. A ditch filled with water kept the visitors away from them. A sign board warned us not to tease them.

           The king of the forest enjoyed sunshine in his cage and looked quite gentle. Man had made him helpless, tame and humble. The bears stood on their hind legs in the deep, dry ditches. We threw parched grams to them and they picked them up.

           Crossing one cage after the other, we reached a place where we found a panther standing under a tree in the open space. We were much frightened and wanted to run away when we found that the panther was tied to a chain, we heaved sigh of relief.

           The rhino looked like an elephant. We were amazed to see its huge body. It was lying by the side of the ditch, as if dead. Antelopes, zebras, stags and deer ran about freely in wide open spaces.

           Monkeys and baboons played some salts in their cages. They chattered and made faces as we pointed towards them. They gave entertainment to all by their pranks and gestures. The white rats made the bells rings as they ran about.

           Last of all, we had a joy ride on the elephant. It gave a relief to us as we were too much tired. A lunch on the grassy plots of the zoo removed the remaining fatigue from our bodies.

We came back quite satisfied with a new experience.


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