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Essay on “A Scene at a Tonga Stand” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Scene at a Tonga Stand

A Tonga Stand near a railway station presents a very scene. The stand hums with activity, especially at the time when a train is about to arrive or is about to leave. There is a stream of incoming and outgoing Tonga’s. The Tonga drivers are very active then. They, all, are very anxious to get hold of the passengers. While so sing they quarrel among themselves. They shout at each other, threaten and swear, but very seldom come to grips. There is a great noise and bustle at the Tonga Stand. Coolies, with luggage on their heads complain against the miserly behavior of the babuji who does a lot of haggling while settling the Tonga fare. The lockjaw are very exacting and cunning. Whenever there is a rush of passengers they enhance their charges, in spite of the fact that the rebates are fixed by the local authorities. A novice to the city is an easy prey to the wiles of some cunning kockwan who is very eloquent and impressive in his talk. The simpleton is charged at least twice the sum which he is ordinarily expected to pay. Still more interesting is the sway they shout and invite the passengers. One asks the passenger, Babuji where have you to go? Come on, babuji, my horse will carry you to your destination in the twinkling of an eye. May I place your luggage in my Tonga?” So saying he begins to pull at the suit his horse is lame of one leg. Come here a d see how I fly you  to your destination’s” The first kockwan looks at the second one with disdain and warns him to mind his tongue. Thus there is a great noise, excitement, bustle and sometimes a scuffle. After the rush is over they take out biros and begin smoking. So them take out snuff boxes and begin sniffing and sneezing; while some other reach a nearby tale stall and refresh themselves with a cup of tea.



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