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Essay on “Scene When the School is over” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Scene When the School is over

Eight long periods make our minds dull. Especially the periods after recess are very tiresome. We eagerly look forward to the last period. Many of us become inattentive in the class. They are restless in their seats. As the peon moves towards the bell, the boys get ready with their bags. The last bell rings and the school are over. The gate opens. The boys move out like the rushing waters of a mountain stream.

The scene at this time is very noisy. Some naughty boys make whistling noise. Every boy tries to rush out of the class room before the others. The ground is crowded with the boys. There are some gentle boys. They walk out slowly and silently with their books. Most of the boys are in a hurry to reach their homes. They are tired and hungry. Some of them stand in queue at the bus stop to catch the buses. Others walk on foot. All of lessons and games etc. A few make mischief on the way. They make jokes with their class fellows. Small groups of boys can be seen walking and talking along the road.

Soon the boys and teachers are out of the school gate. They take their way home. The school building is now quite desolate. The dust settles down. The peon locks the rooms. The atmosphere is calm and quiet now. The school, which was full of life and activity a few minutes ago, has now lost its charm.

Many boys are not so happy when they con. To school in the morning, but they are very cheerful when they leave school for home. They jump with joy and shout with delight. The school closes. The students call it a day.


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