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Essay on “The Scene Inside a Cinema Hall” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Scene Inside a Cinema Hall

Today people are very fond of seeing picture. You find all kinds of people in a cinema hall. You come across the educated and uneducated, the well dressed and the ill dressed. As cinema is people flock in large number to the cinemas halls. An average cinema fan sitting in the lower class goes there to give vent to his vanity and brags into errs presence of his friends. He will bore you with these hasty and unbecoming remarks about the picture. Some rustic from a remote village provides for your amusement. He cannot control his feelings. Shrugs his shoulders, clenches his fist and even shouts Hob Mara when he finds the hero beating the villain. If there is some thrilling moment, people generally from lower class begin to shout, clap and whistle and thus drown the dialogue going on in the picture. In the summer season if you happen to go to a picture house which has not been air conditioned, you suffer a greater calamity. The atmosphere is stuffy and choking. A few fans working in the hall are a poor solace. One feels restless and does not wish to stay in. Sometimes you there is a tense moment. Sober minded people very rarely, go to see the pictures, but, whenever they go there, they view the picture with grim countenance and serous looks. They talk very seldom even with their companions sitting next to them. The intervals is the period of treat noise and bustle. You find shop boys invading the hall from almost every open door. They shout and sell cold drinks, ice cream, potato chips and so many other things. You hear the chuckle of the young boys and girls occupying back seats. A cinema hall is a place where you are led to believe that people there have gathered to participate in a fashion parade.


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