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Essay on “The Season I Like Most” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Season I Like Most

3 Best Essays on “The Season I Like Most”

Essay No. 1

Seasons change with the change in nature. Summer, Rainy, Winter, and Spring are the seasons in our tropical continent. The summers are so hot that people eagerly wait for the monsoon. The rains bring relief. The winters are cold and many parts of northern India experience snowfall. The ‘queen of seasons’, Spring is also the ‘season of festivals’. Every season has its own characteristic features.

During the summer season, the intense heat and the scorching sun rays are cures. People prefer to stay indoors. Many areas face the problem of water scarcity. Almost every year during summers epidemic breaks out. But despite the various drawbacks of the summer season, it is the season I like most.

The end of the Spring is the beginning of summer. I welcome this change as it is a sign of fast-approaching summer vacations. These holidays are always awaited. They are a relief from the heavy book load, tedious study schedule of school difficult assignments, and brain raking examinations. Holidays mean no fixed routine and I can spend my time as I please.

Playing and splashing in the cool waters of the swimming pool in the company of my friends is what I enjoy most.

Many delicious fruits come only in this season. Watermelons, grapes, and the king of fruits-mangoes are my fond temptations. I love ice-cream. As there is little fear of cold and coughs  I eat plenty of it. Nothing can hold me back from cold coffee with ice-cream and ice-cream soda. Thanks to summers, I can fulfill all my desires in taste.

“ In fact, the summer season is the time when I can be my own self and I enjoy its every moment.  


Essay No. 2

The Summer Season

Generally, we call two seasons in this world Summer and Winter. The Indian Summer is the hottest season in the whole year. The rays of the sun fall on cancel and make India very hot. Actually, India has six seasons. Summer is one of them. May and June are the months of summer. We have to heat to bear. The plains of India are hot while mountain areas are not so hot. We feel uneasy in this season. It becomes difficult to walk in the day. At mid-day, nobody lies to go out due to intense heat. Rich people make use of fans and coolers. The greater part of the day is wasted in laziness and rest.

Schools and College hours are changed during summer. Early morning hours are understood to be the best period to work. So all institutions work in the morning. Educational institutions are closed during summer vacation. Chiks and curtains are used in every house. Khuskhus curtains are kept wet during the day.

In summer we feel a scarcity of water. Small rivers, ponds, and tanks become dry. The level of water goes down. The grass becomes withered and dry. There becomes a problem of water – supply. In cities, water is supplied for a limited period. In the village, the condition is not very good. due to scarcity of water, the villages life become a curse. We need water for drinking purposes. In addition to it, animals suffer for water.

During summer beasts pant for breath due to heat. They seek shade and sit under it for rest. They do not like to wander in the burning heat. The birds hide in the branches of trees or holes of walls. The earth becomes hard and hot. It is so hot that one cannot walk barefooted. The wind is hot and dusty. We drink water again and again. We like cold water to drink.

The other side of the summer coin is fruitful. We get the best fruits in this season in our country. We get mangoes, watermelons, muskmelons, blackberry, mulberry, and sweet violet, etc. in addition to fruits, this season is the base of the Rainy Season, Monsoon Rainfall depends on the season. Both Monsoon Rain takes water from the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. Besides it, early hours – from 4 to 10 are useful to cover the whole day’s work. Early morning is very pleasant and charming. It is quite a free-form heat of the day. We have a cool breeze in the early hours. We can enjoy the chirping of birds. the days are long. We sleep in the day to take a rest.

Rainy Season depends on the summer season. Rainy Season is the base of Indian Agriculture and other fields. Every coin has two sides so is the case with the summer season.


Essay No. 3

The Season You Like Most

Like most people, I wait for the rainy season most eagerly. Life is miserable during the summer season. There is a scarcity of water everywhere. Grasses, trees, and plants die due to the heat and lack of water Dry, hot winds blow the whole day. Many people die of thirst and heat-strokes. It is therefore not surprising that the clouds are a welcome sight. They bring with them the life-giving rain and coolness.

Rains are nectar from heaven. Vast deserts turn into fields of flowers and green grass. Trees soon give out new leaves and fruits. The crop in the fields starts swaying with the cool wind. Nature once again rejuvenates itself. It is because of its life-giving properties that rain is regarded as God in India.

The rainy season is undoubtedly the best season. Spring brings with it beauty, but rain sustains it. It is a fact that the beauty of most plants, flowers, and other living beings would vanish in the absence of rain. The rainy season is like a mother who nurses her children with precious food and nutrients.

The rainy season is not only useful but also beautiful. There is greenery all around Birds come out in large numbers to feed and to breed. Flowers bloom and so do other life forms. The black clouds look wonderful against the blue sky. We often come across a rainbow. If we are lucky we may come across a dancing peacock.

Poets and writers have discovered music in the falling raindrops. To them, big raindrops sound like a thousand drums. The thunder sounds like a bugle. Frogs, too sing in great joy. Although to many of us it may not sound so sweet like that of a cuckoo.

Rains clean the dirt accumulated by nature and mankind. It restocks the water bodies. Rains are indeed a blessing from the Almighty God.


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