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Essay on “A journey by Train” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A journey by Train


I was thrilled at the very idea of going to a hill station to spend my summer vacation last year. The arrangements were complete a day before I had to leave. I was to leave by the Kalka Mail on 16th May in order to embrace the cool breeze and weather of Simla.


I packed up my luggage and reached the station an hour before the departure of the train. I had already got reserved a sleeping berth in a 2-tier bogie of the train. There was  a lot of activity on the platform. There were many people there. Some were chatting with the friends and relatives who had come to see them off. Some others were anxiously waiting for the arrival of the train. The train was running to time. It was on the platform at about 9 p.m.


No sooner did the train arrive than the people began to rush from one place to another. I too went in search of my coach. Having found my name against a seat, I came back to the place where my luggage was kept. The coolie place my luggage in the bogie. I  spread my bed over the allotted seat.


I then spent a little time in chatting with my friend who had come to see me off. After about half an hour, the guard blew the whistle and waved the green flag.


The train moved. As it moved onward, the trees houses and huts seemed to be moving backward. The night had already set in. I looked at the sky. It was full of stars that were twinkling very brightly. The sky seemed to be a vast shawl stooped with fine and valuable jewels.


It was now midnight. I put my luggage under the custody of the conductor in charge of the bogie. I then went to sleep. When I woke up after four or five hours, I found that my train was standing on platform No. 3 of the Kalka station.


I hurriedly packed up my bedding, took my luggage from the custody of the conductor and was on the platform. The coolie took me to the platform meant for the train bound for Simla.


Here the rush was greater. I tried hard to find out my seat but I could not. I was very much disappointed. I approached the conductor guard of the train for a seat but he asked me to wait a little perturbed because in case I did not get a seat, I was going to lose the enjoyment of the natural scenery on the way to Simla. I repeatedly requested him and he gave in.;


I was at last at Simla at about ten in the morning.


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