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Essay on “Funniest Person in your life” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The funniest Person you have come Across in your life

Even during the short period of life, I have seen quite a good number of funny persons whose very memory tickles my sides with laughter. There was a class fellow of mine whose absent mindedness was a matter of talk among students. Whenever the teacher put a recapitulatory question to him he got startled like an untrained heifer, became very humble and always said, “Beg very poor, but he always posed a rich man. He came to borrow money with the excuse that he had lost ten thousand rupees in a business bargain and so required five rupees to start with be returned next morning. Next never came but he did come after some. Most of the social evils can be removed with the help of the cinema. Much propaganda can be made against evils like bigamy dowry and untouchability. Much can be done in the field or village reconstruction through films. The latest methods of agriculture can be shown to the famers on the screen. The advantages of settling disputes in panchayats, the importance of education, the value of cooperative farming and many such things can be impressed on the villagers through the cinema.

The cinema is not free from defects. Sometimes it has a very bad effect on the moral of cinema goers. The pictures generally and woman. Half naked dances, smoking drinking gambling, lovemaking and such other activities on the screen tend to lower down the morals of the youth. Most of the fashions and costly habits generally found among people  extravagant and ease loving.

The cinema has a very bad effect on the health of the people. Eye has to sit in packed halls for full three hours. Even persons with infectious diseases go there and spread infection. Eye sight of those who occupy front seats suffers. Students miss their classes and sell their books in order to buy cinema tickets. Besides these a visit to a cinema means wastage of time and money.

On the whole cimena has proved very useful and there are possibilities of its better utilization. Its educative value cannot be denied and its procreative utility must be appreciated. If better films are produced they are bound to do a great good tot the nation.



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