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Essay on “A Foreign Country I Would Like to Visit” Complete Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Foreign Country I Would Like to Visit

Outline: The various opportunities for going abroad today – the attractions of different foreign countries – why I would like to visit England.

Going abroad today is easier and more common than it was, say, thirty or forty years ago. There are several scholarships which enable bright students to study in foreign universities or do research. Industrial firms send some of their employees abroad for technical training or specialization in their subjects. Even those who want to visit foreign countries for pleasure for a short period can avail themselves of concessional air fares offered to tourists now-a-days. In spite of almost three arid—a-half decades of independence, the craze for going abroad is on the increase. A foreign degree is still highly valued in India, and a ‘phoren — returned’ person is looked upon with respect and awe.

I don’t know if I shall ever be fortunate enough to go abroad, but I often dream of visiting some foreign country or other. A country has an attraction and individuality of its own. America, for example, offers you an opportunity of seeing an affluent, mechanized society – a prof-turf_ of the latest technology. You can see cloud – kissing skyscrapers, crowded cities where the amenities of modern life are within the reach of the common man, and the glamorous Hollywood. Besides, America is a new youthful nation, unburdened with tradition and history, and consequently vigorous and dynamic. Sometimes, France beckons me with her sunny climate and intellectual atmosphere in which art, literature and philosophy have flourished. I am told that Paris is the home of revolutions in art and literature. It would be a pleasure to know the French who are said to combine logic with a sense of beauty and enjoyment of life. Russia too has an irresistible fascination for me. The Russian revolution is a unique event in history. Communism, for all its defects, is a significant experiment, and I would like to see its actual working in Russia. I sometimes toy with the idea of visiting an eastern country like China or Japan. Japan, especially, is a wonderful country. It had been almost paralyzed at the Second World War, but has been re – born, like the phoenix, out of its ashes, and is now considered to be one of the leading and advanced countries in Asia.

If I were to visit a single foreign country, I would like to visit England. One obvious reason is that I know the language of the country. In France or Russia or China my ignorance of the native language would be a formidable obstacle in the way of my understanding that country. Secondly, since the British ruled over India and lived here for nearly two centuries we know them better than any other foreign people. Above all, through my study of English literature, I am familiar with England and the English. Even though I have never been to England, I have a vivid mental picture of London – the Parliament houses, the Westminster Abbey, the Thames, Trafalgar Square, the Fleet Street – of the dreaming spires of Oxford, of the Lake District which inspired the poetry of Wordsworth, and of Stratford, Shakespeare’s birthplace. To see all these places at first hand would be a dream come true, the idea made real.

I know, of course, that a typical Englishman is reserved. It is a common sight to see two Englishmen who do not know each other travelling for miles in the same compartment of a train without entering into conversation. This reserve attitude is advantageous to a foreigner who would often like to be left alone. But I know that beneath his superficial reserve a common Englishman is amiable and warm – hearted. He is a good sportsman, too, and has a sense of humour. The French are noted for their wit, but the English for their more lovable sense of humour. I hope that I shall have an opportunity of seeing England and understanding the English.

Difficult Words: Affluent – rich. sky – scrapers – very tall buildings. dynamic -energetic and welcoming change. beckons – calls phoenix – a fabulous bird which, when it dies, is born again out of its ashes. spires – tapering structures or top of churches, etc. superficial – existing on the surface. John bull – a typical Englishman. amiable – likable.


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