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Essay on “Farewells, My School” Complete Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Farewells, My School

Outline: While bidding farewell to my school, -1 feel at once happy and sad farewell to my teachers – farewell to my friends and companions – farewell to delightful extra – curricular activities.

When I think of my school today, I am filled with affection, gratitude, sadness and nostalgia, for I shall never more go back to it. Nestled in a picturesque valley amidst wavy hills, Sardar Vallabhai Patel Vidyalaya, a residential public school, has moulded my mind for seven years. Now I am compelled to bid good – bye to it. It is a thought at once happy and sad -happy because I have completed a stage in my education, and sad because I have to part from my Alma Mater which has shaped my life during its most impressionable period.

First of all, I think of my teachers, who have taught me various subjects and kindled in me a passion for knowledge. I particularly think of K – who taught us English with an infectious love and enthusiasm. He did not teach merely from the examination point of view but tried to instill into our minds love for literature and capacity for original thinking. He had an endless stock of jokes, anecdotes and illustrations with which he not only enlivened his Classes but illuminated the points he was making or the idea she was explaining. I also think of M – , our history teacher. She filled the dry bones of history with life. In her classes the events and personages of history passed before our minds like a procession of pageants. Nor can I ever forget D – , our science teacher. She awakened our curiosity and impressed upon us the need for scientific observation and investigation. Farewell to these and other teachers!

How can I forget my friends and companions who made my stay in school so sweet and fruitful? I recall the animated discussions and endless conversations I had with them. In their company I shed my angularities, sharpened my powers of argument and expression, and developed my wit and sense of humour. I had two intimate friends in particular -Anand and Kumar. I shared their interest in literature and love of Nature. We often read the same books and compared notes. We used to go for long walks up the hills in the light of the setting sun. Farewell to the friends and companions of my school days!

Education, it was emphasized, was not confined to the four walls of the classroom, and we were encouraged to take part in sports and cultural activities. Though I was not an outstanding sportsman, I remember some exciting moments on the playing – field. I was thrilled whenever I spoke well at a debate or my article was published in the school magazine. Farewell to these delightful activities which enriched my school life!

Difficult Words: Nostalgia – longing for something in the past. nestled – settled warmly. moulded – shaped. alma mater – school or college a person attended. infectious – catching. anecdotes – amusing stories. pageant – procession of persons clad in fine costumes. animated – lively. angularities – strange manners, oddities.


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