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Essay on “A Coolie” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Coolie

At a railway station, we meet coolies or porters in red shirts and white trousers or dhoti. A coolie is a familiar figure to all of us. He carries our luggage to the train we are going to board. He gets money for this work. His wages are fixed. Some coolies carry passengers’ luggage from the platform to outside the railway station. He renders a useful service and thus makes it convenient for us to travel with heavy luggage.

On the other hand, sometimes he is unwilling to carry our luggage because he wants more money. He is not as simple as he looks. He is even ready to quarrel with passengers.

At such times passengers feel hurt and harassed. After a good deal of haggling, he agrees to carry our luggage.

He is always ready to earn more and more money. The coolies often from their own rules to get more and more money for their work. If you pay him the extra money he will arrange a good seat even in a crowed compartment.

There are good porters too. A good porter is always honest and cheerful. He will charge fair wages. He will not take undue advantage of a passenger’s difficulty. He ties a brass plate around his left or right arm with a number carved on it.

It is for his recognition. If he misbehaves or overcharges, one can lodge a complaint against him. His job is very hard.

In his declining years when he can’t carry heavy lug- gage, he looks for some easy work. They don’t have any money saved for hard times. For an honest porter it is actually difficult to make his both ends meet. His future is dark. If his children are not well educated and well settled, his old age and disease make his life all the more miserable and unbearable.


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