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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Srikrishna Chaitanya” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Srikrishna Chaitanya



Srikrishna Chaitanya was born at Nabadwip Dham, district Nadia in West Bengal on the day of Holi festival in the month of March, 1486. His father’s name was Pandit Jagannath Mishra and mother’s name was Sachi Devi. His nick name was Nimai and he was the second son of his parents. Their first son Biswarup who renounced this worldly life and became a sannyasi, who came to be known as Swami Sankaranya Puri. At an early age, he was admitted to a village school and in a short time he showed the brilliance among the students.

At the age of fourteen years only, he completed his studies and became the master of Naya (Logic), Philosophy, Religion etc. He himself opened a Tole (a Sanskrit school) at Nabadwip and became the principal of that school. His name and fame spread all over India.

The students from the different parts of India were coming to his school. Not only the students but many renowned scholars (Sanskrit Pundits) from different places also came to him for discussion.

Nimai had two wives, Smt. Lakshmi Devi was the first wife and after her sad death, he married Vishnupriya Devi. At the age of twenty he went to Gaya for food —offering to the departed souls (Sradh Ceremony) of his forefathers and here suddenly met Sripada lswar Puri (a disciple of Sripada Madhabendra Puri), who initiated Nemai. From this incident, he was a completely changed person, from Pandit Nimai to Sadhaka Nimai. Now his mission was the mission of Love, through Sankirtan with Harinam.  His greatest contribution to the world culture is to bring the mind, body and the senses to a state of poise through “Harinam Sankirtan”. On his return from Gaya, he was always found in the company of his favourite students for chanting the : “Hari Haraye Namah Krishna Yadavaya Namah, Gopal Govinda Rama Sree Madhusudana.”

His LOVE knew no bounds, spread to all, he made no distinction between different caste, creed and religion. His followers came from all castes, creeds and religions. History, not hearsay tells us that Hindu king Prataprudra as well as the Muslim Yavan Haridas became his disciples.

At the age of twenty four, he had decided to leave Sansar (family life) and to be a Sannyasi. To fulfill his desire, he went to Katoya (West Bengal) and took initiation from Sri Keshab Bharati and henceforth he came to be known as Shrikrishna Chaitanya.

He travelled as a mendicant throughout India — East, West, North and South. At that time, Northern India was under the Muslim rule. The then Muslim ruler took fright at the popularity of Shrikrishnachaitya and his preaching and took measures to see that he moved out of Bengal.

Accordingly, he moved out of Bengal and made Sreekshetra Puri his Leela—Bhoomi. He spent nearly eighteen years at Gambhira (in Puri) with his followers were Ramananda Roy and Swarup Damodar. Daily he visited the Lord Jagannath temple. The early events of Lord Krishna’s life, he sent two of his followers, viz. Roop Goswami and Sanatan Goswami to Vrindavan to discover of his early events of life and which in course of time came to be a part of cultural heritage of India.

And Shrichaitanya left for posterity the supreme lesson of life, these lessons are known as “Shikshastakam”: for example, one of the slokas (Verses) is

“Trinadapi Sunichen Tarorapi Sahishnuna;

Amanina Manadena Kirtaniyah Sada Hari”.

Which in simple English means :

— By humility lowlier far than that of a blade

of grass, by forbearance more enduring

than that of the patient tree, seeking no

honour for Self, showing respect to others

that is-due, thus does one prove worthy to

chant the Name of Hari at an-times.

The devotees say that one fine day of July 1535  Shrichaitanya’s body left its individual identity and became one with one Lord Jagannath.


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