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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Mira Bai” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Mira Bai

Essay No. 1

Mira Bai was born in the village of Kurki in the region of Mewar in Rajasthan in 1504. A. D. Her father was Ratan Singh, the fourth son of Dudaji, while Dudaji was the fourth son of Jodhaji — the founder of Jodhpur state in Marwar. Since her childhood Mira’s devotion to Giridharilal (Lord Krishna) was unparalled. With the passage of time her dedication and devotion too, grew by leaps and bounds brushing aside all opposition.

Mira Bai was born in Vaishnava family, so her devotion and loving affection to Lord Vishnu or Krishna was a natural phenomenon. She was very fond of solitude. There is_ a hearsay that once she went to a marriage ceremony with her mother and after the ceremony Mira suddenly asked her mother — who is her husband? Mother laughingly replied — “Your Tutelary deity Giridharilal is your husband”. Mira accepted and began to treat Him as her beloved and to worship Him wholeheartedly.

Another hearsay is that once a Sannyasi came to her house with an image of Giridhari Krishna. Mira wanted to have it and to worship it, but the Sannyansi hesitated to part with it. She began, to weep and refused to take her food. At last, he gave it to her and blessed her. Henceforth, Mira became greatly absorbed in the worship of Giridharilal Krishna.* In her Bhajanas (songs) also, she prayed :

“Mere to Giridhari Gopal dusara Na koi,

Jake Sir Moth Mukuta Mere Pati Soi…..

Aansuban Jal Seench Seench Prembee Boi,

Mira Prabhu Lagan Lagi Honi Ho So Hoi.”

I have none but Giridhari Gopal. Krishna with the peacock feather on his crown is my Lord. I have abandoned the status of my royal birth and position. Whom should I please? Mixing with the devotees of the Lord, I have lost my shyness as a woman. I tended the creeper of love, watering it with my tears. Devotees of God are pleased with it but the world is displeased. O Giridhanlal, Mira is your slave, protect her.

In 1512 Mira was married to prince Bhojraj — the eldest son of Maharana Sangram Singh of Chittore, at that time she was eight years old. As expected the Prince succumbed to Mira’s sublime physical beauty. But Mira remained submerged in the world of her Giridharilal aloof and oblivous of the Prince’s adorations and at times admonitions. Differences crept up between herself and the in-laws and she distanced herself from .them staying in a separate palace with her Giridharilal — quiet at peace with herself.

In 1521, Mira was widowed, at that time she was seventeen years only. Vikram Dev, the brother of  Bhojraj became the new Maharana of Mewar. He tried his best to dissuade Mira from whom she loved most —Giridharilal. For that he employed all the powers at his disposal. During that time the palace gates were always open for the Sadhus and pious men. Mira’s fame attracted the great Mughal emperor Akbar and his trusted Tansen who came in disguise to see her. When this news was publicly known, to save the honour of the state Mira was poisoned. Miraculously Mira survived. During this period her anxiety and restlessness manifested itself in the form of Bhajans, for which Mira, till today remains immortal and a source of inspiration in the hearts of the devoted people.

Mira Bai when deeply engaged with her prayer, japa, puja etc. in her palace, during that period she was initiated by Saint Ruidas. Today, the Samadhi of Ruidas is seen near Mira’s temple in the old palace. Many wandering monks used to visit Mira’s temple and spend hours and days in singing sacred songs and Bhajans.

When the tortures of Rana towards her made it impossible for her to continue in Chittore, she set out for Vrindavan as a poor pilgrim.

During her later life Mira set off on a journey to many pilgrim centres of India, among which included Vrindavan, where she reached in 1547, then she was forty three years old. Saint Roop Goswami, a staunch follower and a devoted disciple of Srichaitanya Mahaprabhu was then living there. Mira sought an interview with him, but this was refused. The saint, sent word that he, being a sannyasin, could not grant an interview to a woman. Mira- was somewhat surprised. She exclaimed, “In Vrindaban, except my Giridharilal who is a Purusha? If Sri Radha hears of your bold prentensions, you may have to quite Vrindavan.” When this remark was carried to Roop Goswami, his eyes were opened. He then learned the great secret of the love of the Gopis. He not only granted to Mira the interview, but he and other saints like Haridas came to recognize her as a Gopi.

From Mira’s Bhajanmala (her sayings) “ “Unflinching faith and devotion led a man/woman to salvation. All expansion is life, all contraction is death. All love is expansion, all selfishness is contraction. Therefore, Love for Love’s sake. Love to all, Love is the law of life:”

“Sadhan Kama Chahiye Manawa Bhajan Kama Chahiye

Mira Kahe Bina Premse Mile Nahi Nandalala.”

Later on, Mira went to Dwaraka and settled there permanently, where she lived for twenty years. The devotees say that one fine day in 1573, at the age of sixty nine; Mira’s body left its individual identity and became one with Lord Krishna.


Essay No. 2


Mira Bai

Mira was a queen of Rajasthan who is known more for her devotion than her political position. There are so many stories about Mira Bai that it is very difficult to tell the facts of her life from legend.

She was born about 150o and was married at the age of 13. From an early age she showed more interest in religious devotions than to her worldly responsibilities.

It is said that she neglected her marital responsibilities. When queried about it, she said that it was impossible for her to he married to the king when she was already married to Krishna.

A major change in her life occurred at the time of the death of her husband. It was customary in those days for a wife to commit satti.

Satti is the self immolation upon the husband’s funeral pyre. She refused to comply, whereupon her in-laws began harassing her.

She then left the palace and began wandering throughout Rajasthan, preaching and gaining followers.

Mira is known for the many bhajans that she left behind. These bhajans are in praise of lord Krishna and held in great esteem for their high literary value.

She is believed to have died around 1550.


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