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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Moses” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.



Egypt : Hebrew Prophet : ‘ Ten Commandments’

Birth — Death : 13th Century B.C.

Moses, was the Hebrew prophet who liberated his people— the Hebrews from Egyptian subjugation and led them back to Israel: This journey took 40 years to complete. Moses gave the famous Ten Commandments to his people. These are still the basic rules of conduct for all Christians. These were dictated to Moses by Jehovah, the Supreme God. Moses was born in Egypt at a time when the Egyptian King, called the Pharaoh Rameses II was maltreating the Hebrews. The life of Hebrews was full of suffering and hardships in Egypt. Moses organized his followers and appealed repeatedly to Pharabh to allow his people to go to Palestine but the Pharaoh did not yield. According to Old Testament, the sacred book of the Hebrews, Moses now caused 10 disasters on Egypt. The Pharaoh now believed that these disasters were the result of the curse by Moses so he relented and allowed the Hebrews to leave. Egypt and return to their land, Palestine.

Moses was born in Egypt around 1350 B.C. of Israeli parents. The Pharaoh in those days had ordered the killing of all the Israeli new borns.  It was at the intervention of the daughter of the Pharaoh that the life of Moses was saved. Moses studied religion at Heliopolis. He was in deep distress over the repression of Israelite in Egypt Moses once killed an Egyptian for protecting the life of an Israelite and went into hiding in an Arabian desert. There, he did deep meditation and the Hebrews believe that God declared him the leader of the Hebrews and also ordered him to liberate the Hebrews from the Egyptian Yoke.

Moses, therefore, now set to liberate the Hebrews. When they were liberated and were .going back to Palestine, at Mount Sinai Moses received the Ten Commandments’ from Jehovah, the Supreme God.


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