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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Yuri Gagarin” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Yuri Gagarin


Soviet Union : First Cosmonaut

Birth : 1934 Death : 1968

Yuri Alexeyvich Gagarin was the first person to fly into space. He made this trail-blazing space flight on the spacecraft Vostok-1, which was launched into space from a Kazhakistan cosmodrome on 12 April, 1961 at 9.07 a.m. Gagarin spent a total of 108 minutes in space and at a height of 340 km from the Earth and at a staggering speed of 28,090 km./ hr., made a revolution round the earth. He completed only one revolution round the Earth and it took him 89.34 minutes to do so. Since then Gagarin is known not only as the first space traveller but he holds the distinction of being the first person to fly at such a great height. This manned’space flight was carefully planned. Firstly, a bitch named Laika was sent into space by the Soviet Union to study the effects of space conditions on a living being. It was only after the favourable results of this flight that decision was taken to send a human being into space. Before making this space flight, Gagarin underwent very strenuous training during which there came many ,dangerous moments also but Gagarin bore all this with great courage.

Gagarin was born in a rural family of Russia. He studied mechanics in his early days and then took admission in an aircraft school. On the basis of his talent and hard work, Gagarin became successful in joining the Russian Air Force. After some time he was selected for training for the space flight. This brave conqueror of space died in an air accident on 27 March 1968, at the age of just 34. His name is written in golden letters in the annals of space flight.

Gagarin was a much celebrated person. He was honoured with the titles of ‘Order of Lenin’, ‘Gold Star Medal’ and the Hero of the Soviet Union’. ‘The successful space flight by Yuri Gagarin not only generated much excitement throughout the world but it inaugurated a new era in space science— the era of manned space flight.


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