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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “If The Water Supply Fails” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

If The Water Supply Fails

It is true that water forms a major part of the earth, but most of it is in the form of seawater, which is unfit for human consumption. We human need sweet water in order to live. This sweet water is provided by nature in the form of rain, river, and ground or well water. India is a country too has large sweet water resources.

The increasing population and lack of proper water management have made this water scarce. In almost everywhere in the country there is an acute shortage of drinking water. This has resulted in frequent breakdowns in the water supply, especially in urban and semirural areas.

Water supply breakdown is exactly what happened in our home and residential area last Sunday. Due to some fault at the Water Works, there was no water the whole day. As usual, the Water Works had not informed the people of the town about the impending water cut. So many of us who do not store water did not have any water for our household.

Come Sunday and we turned our taps only to find them dry. Thinking that the water would come after a few hours, all of us sat down to watch the Television. Then a phone call from a friend told us that there would be no water supply the whole day. This information made us check the total water stored in the house. We had about three buckets of water. My mother immediately took one bucket of water to the Kitchen for use. The remaining two were supposed to be shared by all four of us. With that, we had to complete our daily routine of brushing the teeth, washing the face, and answering nature’s call. In the end, all that was left was a half bucket of water.

As the day progressed people had started gathering on the roads, terraces, and rooftops. Everyone was talking about the water cut. Slowly the conversation transformed into a discussion. The Prime Minister of the country became the subject of criticism. Discussions went on all afternoon and well into the evening. After that people slowly began to go back inside their houses. Suddenly there was a gurgling noise in the taps. And soon water was flowing freely.

In this relief, none of us for a moment thought of the reasons behind these frequent water supply failures. No thought of the wastage of water that occurs frequently due to faulty water taps, or careless handling of water in our homes, agitated our minds. We do not link the supply of water to cutting down of trees in our mountain areas, or to the pollution of our rivers caused by industrial and domestic wastewater discharge in them. If only we could pay more attention to these factors, and avoid water supply cuts.


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