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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “If I Were The Education Minister” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

If I Were The Education Minister

A person must always aspire to become something in life. He must set for himself a goal and then start working towards it with all earnestness.

I have since my childhood days always wished to become the education minister of the country. I dreamt of becoming an education minister because I was very impressed by the visions of various scholars and philosophers like Raja Gopalachari, Gokhale, Srinivas Shastri, etc. Their lives and times had made me realize the importance of the right kind of education in early childhood.

Education plays an important part in making a person cultured and civilized. It makes a person fit to live in a society. An education minister, therefore, has a very crucial role to play in the country. Hitherto the department of youth and education was given to the least important member of the education. The education minister’s role was limited to attending functions and Okaying grants. This situation is however slowly changing. It is now slowly dawning on the leadership of the country that only competently educated young people can fit into the fast-changing global business scene.

At the onset of my duties as an education minister, I will ensure that no academic days are lost due to students or teachers. I will bring about a constitutional amendment in the fundamental rights to education the ensuring that the teachers and students rigorously follow the prescribed academic timetable.

The state of various educational and vocational institutions is extremely pathetic. There is a shortage of books, lab types of equipment, teaching aids, and buildings. I will ensure that funds are properly channelized to such institutions so that they may buy the needful equipment or books. I will ask various technical and scientific institutes to earn their upkeep by actively participating in various industry-related research and programmes. I will also open the door to various companies who are willing to sponsor a department in the universities as a part of their industrial research program.

Financial bungling is legendary in the department of education Surprise audits and checks will be authorized by me so that no financial corruption is able to take root.

A proper remuneration package for the teachers and the needy students will be formulated in order to take care of their needs.

In short, I will systematically try to solve various problems that the education system faces in this country.


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