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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “If I Were The Principal of My College” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

If I Were The Principal of My College

Essay No. 01

Education and educational institutions in this country are passing through difficult times. On one hand, is the politicization of the students and teachers and on the other, there is the growing number of students.

Tough and unpleasant decisions are the only solution to this problem.

If I were the Principal of my college, I would deal with these problems in a humanitarian and strict manner.

Politics and students should remain far away from each other. We are no longer a slave country when the leaders of the nation called upon the students to forsake education for the country. We are now living in an extremely competitive world where merit and education are the only criteria. Each and every student needs education. The students in my college will be dissuaded to give up politics. Any political interference in the student life from the outside will not be tolerated. Classes will be held on schedule and the courses will be completed on time. The students will be encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities but not at the cost of their studies. The libraries and laboratories will be equipped to their fullest. I will ensure that the students do not encounter any problems that will hamper their studies.

The teaching staff will be given strict instructions to take each and every class. They will also be asked to do the tri-monthly internal assessment. The staff will be appointed on a contract basis. This will eliminate any union formation or any attempt to disrupt the studies. Yearly assessment by a board will decide whether to continue with the contract of the teacher or not. This board will be reconstituted every year, so as to do away with any incidence of favoritism.

The increasing number of students every year will be tackled by making the college work in two shifts.

In this manner, I will be able to solve the problem of student lawlessness and would be able to concentrate on the academic development of the students.


If I Were The Principal of My College

Essay No. 02

The present educational system in India is not able to fulfill its purpose in guiding the students towards building a strong and prosperous nation. The present system is not suitable for the needs of our country. This is perhaps because the present system was established and promoted by the British rulers to suit their objectives. They wanted the Indians to be their slaves forever. As such, immediate and appropriate steps are needed to reform this prevailing system of education. New education policy needs to be implemented at a faster pace.

If I were the principal of my college, I would try to make my college an ideal college by introducing various reforms towards the attainment of high objectives needed as of date. Firstly as on date, it is seen that the character of students is getting deteriorated. I will give proper care and personal involvement to improve the same. Only bookish knowledge will not be pumped into their heads. All efforts would be made to enhance the moral, physical, mental, and emotional intellect of students so that they can be sincere in their studies. They will not treat education as an instruction only, but they will treat it as a ladder of information and knowledge to heights of success.

Another important aspect is to have highly qualified and dedicated teachers in the staff of the college. It is the hard work and goodness of teachers only which can win the hearts of students and make them honest towards their studies. I would like the teachers not to be harsh and be sympathetic and they should not find fault with students. I would like my teachers to set examples by their deeds so that students get inspiration from the quality of personality of their college teachers.

I would provide the best types of equipment in the laboratories of my college. It is not the good and vast building and costly and decorative furniture which make a good college. Rather the latest and modern technology in imparting the education should be available in the college like computers and internet, e-mail, etc. The best-updated books will be provided in the libraries. The students would be encouraged to make books as their best friends and devote their extra time in libraries. Thus the students of my college will keep themselves apprised world knowledge on all topics and they will compete better with outside.

On the main bulletin – board, interesting and knowledgeable news will be displayed daily. To improve the general knowledge through entertainment medium, radio, and TV. may also be got installed where students can spend their vacant periods.

To keep the students physically fit and regain their lost energy in studies, sports and games will be made an important part of education The hostel students will be asked to get up early in the morning and advised to have some exercises or do jogging and breathe fresh and pure air. The sports will not only refresh their minds but also keep the students more active and healthy. I will try to provide the complete infrastructure in my college for the best sports activities. I will stress the students to take interest in Indian games like Kabaddi, wrestling as well. Participation in sports will be given due importance and weightage.

I will improve the working of the administrative wing of my college. The clerical staff will be advised to be co-operative and polite with students. They will be asked to listen carefully any grievances or hardships of students and try to solve them in the best possible manner and quickly. Any unresolved problem could be brought to my notice immediately. I would also try to take care of the working hours of clerks. When they have to spend more time particularly during new admission days, they will be given extra pay for overtime in addition to other regular incentives for achievements of the college. College peons will be given proper uniforms and advised to help every student wherever required.

I will not discourage the election activities of the students. I will observe that they conduct fair elections of their representatives or office bearers. After all, these students are the future citizens and leaders of our country. They should know how to install the best governments. I will spread the prevalence of the democratic spirit in the college. However, I will take very strict action if anybody is found to be misusing his freedom and he would be taught the value of keeping discipline. Rules and regulations of the college whether it is classroom, auditorium, playground, or hostel will have the topmost priority.

To bring about any reforms in the working atmosphere of the college, I will make a phased program. And such initiatives would be taken with the co-operation of college staff and advice of old senior members in the board of the school. The college will be made a temple of knowledge where the students pay due regards to education as well as to those who impart them education.


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