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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “A Burglary in The Neighbourhood” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Burglary in The Neighbourhood

We spend our lifetime acquiring various objects for our household. We use our hard-earned money to make our lives more comfortable. It is thus understandable that we grow attached to them.

If by sudden misfortune we lose them, our hurt and sorrows know no bounds. A natural calamity may make us philosophical, however, a manmade one makes us angry and we want to retaliate. One such manmade tragedy is burglary.

A burglary can be defined as a phenomenon when a thief or thieves enter the house and take away all the valuables and cash from the house. They may or may not harm the inmates of the house.

One incident of burglary happened in our neighbourhood. Three weeks ago our neighbours had one evening gone to attend a function. They were very late in returning. On opening the door they found that the entire house was in a state of mess. Things were thrown around, the mattresses were overturned and the almirahs were forced open. The clothes were strewn around. They called out for their servant, but no one came. They found that the servant was missing.

They immediately called 100 and informed them about the burglary. The police came with sniffer dogs and started investigating. They dusted the house for fingerprints. They also took in possession the file photograph of the servant and his address. Sniffer dogs led the police to a nearby slum area, where they lost the scent. The police immediately cordoned the slum. They made a house to house search and caught a few friends of the servants. They took them to the police station for interrogation

Sustained interrogation and search revealed that the servant Ramu had been the mastermind of many burglaries in the locality. He was so smart that the police was never able to find proof against him. This time however his greed overtook him and he burgled the house in which he was serving. To his misfortune, he had forgotten that the inmates of the house had during the course of his stay taken his photograph and address. They had also kept an eye on his acquaintances. This factor helped the police in retrieving all the stolen goods and catching him.

Today he is serving seven years imprisonment. This burglary taught us a lesson that we must verify our servants and remain alert at all times.


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