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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “The Game of Football” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Game of Football

Football has perhaps the largest fan following around the world, the origin of this game is said to be in Scotland and England.

There are eleven players on one side of the game. The main aim of the players is to kick the ball into their opponent’s goal. However, the game is not as simple as is it made to sound. The game of football is played with an inflated leather ball with a rubber bladder inside it. The football field is 100 yards long and 60 yards wide. The length and breadth of the field can be increased or decreased. The field is divided into two equal halves with a line called the center-line. The ball is kicked off from here at the start of the game or after the goal has been scored.

The result of the game depends upon the efficiency with which the captain of both teams arranges their players. An ideal division of the players is usually in four groups-The forwards, the half-backs, the fullbacks, and the goal-keeper. The forward line consists of five players and it is their duty to carry the ball forward to the opponent’s goal. The halfback line is made up of three players, who usually play an offensive and defensive game. They pass the ball to the forwards and prevent the opposite-side players to take the ball into their half. The full-back line consists of two players, who also prevent the ball from being carried into their goal. Then there is the goal-keeper, who has to prevent any goal from being made. He has the right to touch the ball with his hands or any other part of his body.

The game is played in two halves of forty-five minutes each. In all the duration of the game is 90 minutes to one hour. There is an interval of five to ten minutes in between the two halves.

During the play, no player except the goal-keeper can touch the ball with his hands. A penalty is awarded either in the form of a free kick or a penalty kick, in case of any violation of the rules. Sometimes an offending player is also given a yellow or a red card for the foul committed on the field.

The game is played under the supervision of two referees and two linesmen. Their duty is to carefully watch the game and point out the breach of rules.

The aim of both the teams as mentioned earlier is to get the ball through to the opposite goal. One team tries to get past the other in order to get the ball into the other team’s half, while the other team tries to defend its territory. This keeps on going till either of the team manages to score the goal. Sometimes when none of the teams is able to score a goal, the match is declared to be drawn

The game of football has many advantages. It is a good physical exercise. It provides amusement and recreation to thousands of people. Football teaches the value of cooperation and brotherhood. Besides, it also teaches the players an important lesson in discipline. Indeed Football is a game that should be encouraged for the well-being of the masses.


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