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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Ram Janam Bhoomi-Babri Masjid Dispute” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Ram Janam Bhoomi-Babri Masjid Dispute

6th December 1992 would forever remain a black-letter day in the annals of Indian history. On this day a frenzied mob demolished a centuries-old Mosque in the name of the Hindu religion.

The backdrop of this tragedy was the age-long dispute regarding the birthplace of Lord Ram, and the Mosque supposedly built by Babar after destroying the old temple that existed previously. Protagonists of the Ram Janam Bhoomi claim historical evidence authenticating the bonafide of the existing temple. While the very existence of the Mosque proclaimed otherwise.

In order to settle the dispute, the matter was referred to the Allahabad High Court, where it lay in abeyance for a number of years for want of proper follow-up.

The surprise appearance of the idols reactivated the old dispute The High Court then ordered the doors of the Mosque to be opened to all those who wanted to offer prayers there. The Court also directed that the status quo of the Mosque be maintained /.e. no construction of any new structure or the alteration of the existing Mosque.

However, the matters came to a head when a decision was taken by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, VHP, and the other like-minded parties and groups to construct a temple on the disputed territory.

Lakhs of people bearing consecrated bricks started to converge on the disputed site from all parts of the country. They were in a great hurry to start the process of Shilanyas or the groundbreaking ceremony and the subsequent construction of the temple.

Every effort was made by the authorities to dissuade such an action. However, all suggestions fell into the deaf ears of the communal leaders.

The religious leaders, with the blessings of the four Shankaracharyas, performed the Shilanyas ceremony. At the eleventh hour, few concessions were made and the construction was postponed till the 30th Oct. 1990. Large groups of volunteers began to converge on Ayodhya well before the due date with the purpose of building a temple on the 2.77 acres of land, which was already acquired for this purpose.

Politically the problem was suffering from an impasse. Communal riots erupted all over the country, and at many places including Ayodhya

The Prime Minister was then given four months time to settle the dispute, he in turn issued instructions to consolidate all the pending petitions before the Allahabad High Court and pass them on to the Supreme Court for judgment.

But before the discussions could bear fruits the VHP opted out without any prior warning and declared that it would start building the temple on the acquired land from the 6th Dec 1992

The Supreme Court asked for an explanation from the Uttar Pradesh Government. The then Chief Minister, in his affidavit before the Court, stated that the Kar Seva was symbolic in gesture and that no harm would come to the disputed structure. He also gave a written assurance to the Central Government, that the peace would be maintained and that there would be no need for the deployment of the Central Security Forces.

What happened on the 6th Dec. 1992 is well known. The Kar Sevaks went ahead and demolished the Mosque.

The Supreme Court in its recent pronouncement has refused to pass a judgment on the contentious issue of the existence of the temple or of the birthplace or of any such structure. Thus the Supreme Court has transformed the dispute from a political to a non-political one. It has directed the Central Government to establish a non-political body, under whose supervision the matter could be looked into

Whatever may be the ultimate outcome of the dispute, this incident is undoubtedly a sad commentary on the political leaders and their intentions. This dispute has once again incited the innocents and the gullible masses to kill and destroy each other. Time of the country’s leadership could have been well spent, if, instead of creating unrest it had genuinely redressed the existing social problems and grievances.


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