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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “The Game of Cricket” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Game of Cricket

Cricket has over the past few years become very popular. This game originated in England. The word “cricket’ is of German origin and is a form of the Saxon word ‘cric’, meaning a staff.

This game is played on a large grass-covered ground. The strip of land on which the game is actually played is called the pitch. There are two sides with eleven players each. There are two umpires who oversee the game. The game is played with bats, balls, stumps, and bails.

Before the match starts, the captains of both teams toss in order to decide who will bat first. The side which decides to bat then sends in two batsmen to defend three stumps fixed at a distance of eight inches, Bails are placed on the top of the stumps. Two sets consisting of three stumps and two bails are placed at a distance of 22 yards from each other. The two batsmen take guard at each of the ends. This is called defending the wicket. The side which is to field places its players around the batsmen into the field. They are called the fielders. One of the players on the fielding side then starts to throw the ball at the batsman. This act is called bowling and the player who bowls the bail is called the bowler.

The aim of the bowler is to strike the stumps with his ball so that the batsman can be given out. The aim of the batsman is to hit the ball so that they can run between the wicket and score runs. The fielders also try to prevent the runs from being scored by quickly picking up the ball from the field and throwing it back to the wicketkeeper or to the bowler. A bowler is allowed to bowl six balls at a time. This is called an over. A batsman can be given out if his hit-up ball is caught by a fielder before it touches the ground. He is declared bowled out if the ball hits the stumps. He can also be out if he is stumped or leg before wicket. A batsman is given four runs if the ball crosses the boundary line. In case the ball does not touch the ground before crossing the boundary, six runs are awarded to the batsman.

The duty of the umpire is to make sure that the players play by the rules. They ensure that the bowler bowls six balls per over. They decide whether the batsman should be given out or not.

Cricket is known as a gentlemen’s game. It provides amusement and recreation to many people. Like other games, it is a game of skill and team spirit. This game teaches the virtues of patience, perseverance, discipline, and cooperation. Honesty and impartiality are the hallmarks of this game. It is also the game of wits and mental strength.

Undoubtedly cricket has many virtues and can therefore easily be called a game of masses and classes.


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