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English Essay/Paragraph/Speech on “Modern Means of Recreation” for Kids and Students for Class 8, 9, 10, Class 12 and Graduation Examination

Modern Means of Recreation

In ancient times the kings used to appoint persons who were the source of pleasure to them. There were best singers like Tan Sen who served at Akbar’s court. Kings also used to have troupe of dancers who used to please them. But the common man could not enjoy all these pleasures. The common people could visit their temples and sing hymns in praise of God. They could find pleasure in those common hymns. Sometimes, they used to sing in their homes. Bhajans and farces were also the sources of recreation in the rural areas, a few decades back. Games and wrestling matches were also a source of enjoyment. But in those days the radios or televisions were not available. The people could not enjoy the cinema as they do today.

As the time passed, people started developing new sources of recreation. People now visit theatres and see the pictures. It is not a very costly affair. One has to stay for two and a half hours in cinema hall and spend a few rupees to gain pleasure and recreation.

Thus, cinema is one of the modern sources of recreation. People enjoy stories, dialogues, songs and dances and even the common man visits cinemas. Therefore, the cinemas should show films which can build a nation’s character. These films should not be vulgar.

Radios and radiograms are also the sources of recreation. We can hear songs of the familiar and renowned singers in our homes. The radiograms serve double purpose. We may hear a record of the Gramophone also on it. Thus, it provides us double luxury. We can enjoy radio-music and also the Gramophone-music. Most of the people have got radio-sets with them in their homes. These radio-sets are very cheap and even the poor people can afford these radio-sets. Some people use tape-recorders for hearing music which is tape-recorded.

Now the people are going to switch over to the television sets. These sets are very costly. For the poor people, it is very difficult to maintain a set. The television set costs about Rs. 4,500 to Rs. 25,000. But some companies offer these sets at much cheaper rates and that also on installments. Therefore, we find television-sets installed in many homes.

There are television studios where the programmes are relayed. People witness everything on the television screen. Sometimes pictures are shown to the people on their television-screen. The various programmes of teaching the children, dancing and singing, news items and advertisements are relayed through the television programmes in India.

In order to relay programmes, the communication satellites are being used by various governments. This facilitates the spread of the programmes over a vast area covering many villages.

Theatres also have become very popular these days. Songs and dances are shown by the artists on the stage. The themes may be historical or cultural. With the revival of our culture, greater stress is being laid on the revival of music and dances which form part of our culture.

Even now we find many people singing and playing on the harmonium. They are professional singers. They delight themselves with their own pastimes which have become a source of recreations for them and the people, who come to listen to their music.

The theatres and other programmes include the recital of Qawalis. This is very delightful to the audience. Some orchestras give performances in the restaurants and other places. Thus on the college and school stages, sometimes we find performances of this type. But much greater emphasis is definitely laid on the television, radio, radiograms and cinemas these days which are the modern sources of recreation.


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