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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Fashion Scene of Today” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Fashion Scene of Today

Fair complexion, sharp features and an hour-glass figure are no longer the basic requirements to look beautiful. Along with intellect, poise and confidence, the most sought after aspect that makes a person attractive is the choice of attire.

Young people are no longer restricted today with the traditional and conservative modes of fashion. They have sought for themselves a world beyond the Saris, Salwar-kurtas, Shirts and Trousers

They have with their imagination designed frocks, skirts shorts, T-shirts from materials as diverse as the jute to viscose, crepes and chiffons. No more for them sober prints and colours- bold and brightly coloured prints have become the order of the day. These when worn with leather, conch, metal, bone or bead accessories bring a new meaning to the word fashion

Every act in this world is cyclic in nature. Fashion is also repetitive. The bohemian looks of the sixties are back, and with it, the figure-enhancing silhouettes, citric colours, fruity prints, streaky stripes and random dip-dyes are once more in vogue.

One cannot claim that fashion is either restricted to only one age group or is uniformly spread across the cross-section of society. In India, people of different age groups follow their specific trends. The age group between 12-26 is considered more trendy and more fashion-conscious. They change their styles frequently. Those who belong in the 27-35 brackets prefer conservative styles of dressing. They are less adventurous and can be seen sporting the traditional mode of dressing; People above 35 are again more conservative. They are less prone to change and prefer comfort to style in their clothing

Fashion has acquired a great deal of importance in our society. Numerous academies teach young people about the nitty-gritty of high and everyday fashion. Many fashion houses employ them with the view that clothes designed by them will find a ready export market.

Booming fashion markets have also given a boost to many subsidiary companies manufacturing fashion accessories like belts, shoes, handbags, jewellery, etc.

If one is, to sum up, the fashion scene of today one can say that looking good has become the by-word for society. People are willing to go to great lengths to appear trendy and smart.


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