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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Popular Superstitions” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Popular Superstitions

Superstitions are popularly held beliefs. They sometimes have a scientific reason behind them but most often they are without any logical reason.

It is widely believed that evil spirits live on a banyan tree and therefore a person should avoid sitting or sleeping under it after dark. Science has it that the banyan tree breathes out a large amount of carbon dioxide at the night. This gas is very harmful to the human body. Scientists say that the ancient sages and wise men knew about it and in order to warn the simple folks of those times, they invented the myth of evil spirits, so that while resting in the night they are saved from the effects of carbon-dioxide gas.

In the bygone days when travelling on the horse was a common act, a lost horseshoe meant that a limping horse could be found nearby or that there was a horseman with a horse that had lost a shoe somewhere near. It also meant that a place of rest could be nearby. These could be the reasons why finding a horseshoe was considered lucky by the people.

The owl is considered an unlucky bird by people. The scientific reason being that owls inhabit only old and broken down buildings. It also implies that the place is infested with rats which are the staple diet of the owls. Hence whenever an Owl hooted people knew that the place they were resting was either old or infested with rats and was thus unsafe. Later on, this belief took the form of considering every Owl hoot to be unlucky. In India, a white or an albino Owl is considered lucky because people consider it to be the vehicle of Laxmi the goddess of wealth, while the black owl is considered unlucky because it is the vehicle of Yama the god of death,

However, the reasons for the beliefs of considering number thirteen unlucky, or the black cat crossing the path or sneezing before someone leaves the house or a howling dog are lost in obscurity. They are being followed today without any reason

The followers of these superstitions are both educated and uneducated. No amount of scientific explanation can dissuade them to give up their favourite superstitions. This struggle of spirit and scientific enquiry will take a long time to resolve.


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