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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “A Scene of Indian Nights” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Scene of Indian Nights

Nights in India have a charm of their own. Broadly categorized there are three types of nights in India-The Moonlit nights, The Starlit night, and Cloudy dark nights.

On a moonlit night, nature is often at its best. The surroundings are all bathed in milky white light. The trees, plants, and buildings in fact everything appears celestial. It appears that the entire fairyland has come on the earth. The moon covers everything with its silvery rays. For those who are fond of outdoor life, the moonlit nights give special pleasure. They never cease to be awed by the magic of the nature. The seas and the rivers swell with tides. To a poet’s mind, it appears as if nature wishes to embrace the beautiful moon. Moonlit nights have been an inspiration to poets and writers through the ages. They have written verses and prose in the beauty of it. They have often compared it to the beauty of their beloved heroines.

The beauty of the starlit nights is very different from those of the moonlit nights. In the absence of the moon, the navy blue sky appears gem-studded. It gives an impression that someone has spilled a box full of precious gems on a large dark cloth. There is a mystery in the air. It thrills the senses and gives shape to imagination. To the faint-hearted, the dimly lit shapes appear threatening. To the writer, they inspire many thrillers. They are also the nights when people become adventurous. They play tricks on each other. Sometimes some anti-social elements commit crimes and escape in the darkness.

Totally dark and overcast skies always forebode ill. They bring uneasiness. Occasional flashes of lightning instill fear in the minds. The whole world appears to be in the grip of the evil. Such an atmosphere has been the inspiration for many horror stories. Writers of such fiction take full advantage of these skies to write about Dracula, spirits, murder, and psychopaths.

Indeed Indian nights are an inspiration of different moods. They tell a new story every night. They are a mystery which no one has been able to solve.


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