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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “A Pleasant Dream” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Pleasant Dream

My work as a scientist often requires that I work till very late in the night. Last Saturday was one such day when I had to stay back very – late in the night at my laboratory. I came home in the early hours of the morning and fell asleep immediately.

Soon I started dreaming about the project that I was working on I saw that I had finally got the solution to a complex problem that I was working on. It helped me in building a time machine.

All my colleagues were congratulating me on my success. Prime Minister had sent me a congratulatory telegram. I was very happy.

Suddenly one of my friends suggested that we should go for a ride in the time machine. We got into the machine and decided to go into the 21st century.

Our time machine made a whirring sound. And before we could blink our eyes we were into the 21st century. We had landed in a forest area. Our reading showed that the forests had increased in the area. The man had planted more trees. There were many more animals, and the rivers and the ocean were clean. Pollution levels were very low.

My friend and I could not believe our eyes and we decided to investigate. We wanted to find out for ourselves that man had in fact started taking care of his environment. We came out of our time machine. The air was very cool and pleasant. Birds were chirping on trees. There was the fragrance of flowers all over the place. The grass was very green and the trees swayed gently with the wind. We came out of the forest area.

There we saw that man had stopped using petrol and diesel as fuel. Instead, he was using solar energy and wind energy to power his vehicles. The chimneys of nuclear power plants could be seen at a distance. They were releasing pure steam into the air. It was being immediately cooled by large fountains that were built on the rooftops. They not only looked beautiful but were also performing the function of cooling the environment.

Next, we saw that the roads and parks were very clean. People were being very careful about not throwing garbage around. Volunteers and policemen stood silently watching for any break in the law.

What surprised me the most was that there was a fewer number of people to be seen? What had happened to all the population of India? My question was answered by a newspaper that I picked up at the bookstall. It said that apparently, a massive natural calamity had destroyed a considerable portion of the Indian population. The survivors thankfully realized the value of quality living instead of quantity living. Hence less number of people.

While I was reading the newspaper, suddenly there was a loud crash. And with it, I woke up. I was happy because the future country of my dreams was beautiful and not as bad as predicted by many of the scientists.


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