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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “The Correct Use of Time” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Correct Use of Time

One often hears complaints from people about the lack of time. Time has often played villain to the plans of our heroes and heroines in novels and plays. It is not surprising therefore that time has always been painted black by everyone.

Phrases like ‘how time flies’, ‘in the nick of time’, ‘time and tide waits for no one’, ‘it was a cruel hour’, etc. would not have come into the English vocabulary had mankind made correct use of it. Time is never destructive if it is rightly made use of. Time never flies. It is we who make it fly by wasting every minute of it. Although we have experienced many times that the more organized we are in our time management the more leisure we are likely to have. Such a conclusion implies that the fault lies with us and not with time.

Time is not the monopoly of one person. It is a possession of all those people who know the value of time and know-how to spend it. Those who spend it well reap the benefits, while others who are careless will spend their lifetimes decrying the lack of time.

Time is valuable. It is that treasure which if handled carefully leads a person to name, fame and glory. The most obvious sign of a successful person is his punctuality in discharging his duties. He is aware of the eternal truth that money if wasted can be recovered, health once lost can be regained but every minute that is wasted is wasted forever. As he desires to accomplish a great deal in his short life span, he makes the best use of every second that is at his disposal.

Time has another enemy in the form of idleness. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. As long as the mind remains idle it is plagued by doubts, sorrows, desire, and other destructive thoughts. Such thoughts disturb us, but the moment we settle down to work they disappear Idleness also gives birth to evil thoughts, which are harmful both for the society and the self.

The habit of postponing things for the next day is the second thief of the time. This habit acts as an obstacle in the way of moral and material progress

Leisure time has a valuable role to play. Care should be taken to spend the leisure time in healthy and profitable pursuits. Entertainment and excitement should not be the end of all our leisure time. In fact, they should be pursued in moderation, Reading good and informative books, acquiring new skills, and cultivating artistic tastes should be our main pursuits during the times of leisure.

Such habits enable us to gain honor, riches, and sophistication. They mold a human being into a complete person,

Proper use of time enhances the life span of a person. Time may not increase the number of years of a person, but it certainly increases the amount of work in a person’s lifetime. The good deeds and accomplishments of a person keep a person’s name alive. Hence people desirous of achieving something good in this world should learn the value of the economy of time.


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