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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “A House Collapse” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A House Collapse

Mumbai is a large metropolis. Many people come here in search of a living. There are some who strike rich and can be seen living in rich conditions. There are others who are not so lucky, they remain poor and make both ends meet with a great deal of difficulty. Such people are not able to find decent places to live. They thus either live in slum areas or in high-rise buildings. The old part of Mumbai is full of such buildings. These buildings are old and no one pays any attention to their maintenance. The municipality sends repeated reminders to the residents of these buildings to vacate them because these buildings are unfit to live in. People however do not do so because they have no other place to live.

These old buildings are always in danger of falling down. This danger increases during the rainy season. One such incident happened in our locality.

It was raining heavily that week and my house was leaking. All of us were desperately trying to keep things dry. It was my duty to throw the collected water outside. It was during one of these trips that I suddenly saw the four-story building in front of my house come down with a large noise. There was a stunned silence for a minute. I rushed inside to inform my parents about the collapse of the building. As such we all ran outside. We heard the wailing of the injured people. We hurriedly started removing the rubble. There were many people trapped inside the collapsed building. We managed to pull out some household articles and a few children. They were dazed but unhurt.

Meanwhile, someone had called the fire brigade. Soon the fire brigade personnel swarmed all over the rubble. They had commissioned an excavator to remove the debris. All the residents of the area gave them a helping hand. With a couple of hours, we were able to pull out about 15 people, a few of them were seriously hurt. There was no casualty. Luckily we came to know that, as feared earlier, there were not many people inside the building. It is the working day nearly all the children and the adults had gone to work.

We had also saved many pieces of household utility items from the rubble. These we handed over to the owners. The ladies of the colony became busy providing food and blankets to the homeless. Some people were accompanying the injured to the hospital in the ambulance. While this was going on the Municipal Commissioner arrived at the scene and ordered an inquiry. He announced compensation for the victims. A case of negligence was registered against the owner of the building


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