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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “A Scene of an Earthquake” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Scene of an Earthquake

Nature has always been a mystery to mankind. Inspite of all the progress made in the science of predicting the acts of nature, it still succeeds in surprising us with its actions. Nature shatters our pride in having conquered the natural elements by her mighty forces. Nature has exhibited time and again that she is invincible and supreme.

Unbridled exploitation of our natural resources has invited nature’s wrath in the form of floods, eruptions of volcanoes, and earthquakes. Man finds himself powerless in the face of these destructive facets of nature. He stands as a helpless spectator in front of the fury unleashed by nature

During an earthquake, the earth convulses and shakes. Trees, houses, buildings, mountains, and everything that stands collapse. Within seconds everything, that took years to build, is razed to the ground. Earthquakes make no distinction between palaces and huts, between rich and poor, between the powerful and the weak. It strikes with equal ferocity at everything

During the time of an earthquake, deep fissures appear in the earth, houses shake, windows and doors rattle. The noise is terrible. People rush out of their houses. Some carry their valuables with them, others carry their children and babies, still others pictures of gods and goddesses. The scene is heart-rending. Many people have the misfortune of witnessing their near and dear ones die in front of their eyes. They see their houses collapse and property destroyed. Their animals die and they are unable to help them. There is a naked dance of death and destruction during the earthquake.

Though the earthquake lasts a few seconds or minutes, its effect is long-lasting, Property worth billions are lost. Many precious and innocent lives are terminated. Children become orphans, women become widows, and men lose their entire families. People become destitute. Communication links are broken. Entire civil support machinery comes to a grinding halt, besides the psychological scars remain for a lifetime. Unbearable losses make people lose their minds. They become psychiatric cases.

An earthquake is the worse retribution that can befall mankind. It leaves behind both financially and psychologically bankrupt society.


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