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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Disabled Day – 3rd December” Complete Essay for Class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Students for Exam.

Disabled Day – 3rd December

Disabled Day is an awareness day to highlight the preventions, problems and remedies of the malady. Nearly five to six percent of our country’s population is disabled. The disability may be by birth or due to wars, riots, terrorism, transport accidents, drug abuse, malnutrition, Natural calamities, etc. The disability may be an external or internal defect in the organ of the body or loss of limbs.

The most boiling and prominent factor in our apathetic approach in dealing with disabled people who are thought to be permanently sick. They exist among us as subhuman beings, whose weaknesses are diligently probed rather than their strengths. All our welfare schemes and programmes for the disabled people are bound to fail, if we do not change our callous and negative attitude towards them. So in 1995, Disability Act for the handicapped was passed to provide barrier free environment in public buildings. Amidst all adversities and negligence, there seems to be a little light in the form of care, comfort, love and understanding extended to a disabled person by his own family members and friends. The basic need of the disabled member is to help him to live a respectable life in every possible way. A better deal for the disabled is the demand of the hour. Appropriate learning resources required by all forms of disabilities like braille material, talking computer and sign language specialists must also be made available. Modified buses with hydraulic portable ramps and audio indicators in the public transport system are also the need of the hour. There is an urgent need to set up an inter-country forum to promote the rights, barrier-free environment, promoting employment opportunities for the disabled people. A disabled like the motto of, “Look at my strengths and not my weaknesses. People should be sensitised about the potentials and problems of the disabled.”

Prevention of disability is as important as its management. The investigation and then the diagnosis should be made about what ails our setup before starting the remedy of the malady. Laying down policy for rehabilitation service to reach every citizen. The successful and positive role played by different disabled people like John Milton, Helen Keller, Stephen Hawkins, Surdas can be projected, justifying the need of opportunities being offered to such people.

“Disability is not a curse, Needs opportunity to offer.”


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