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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “The Present Education System” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Present Education System

Tagore had once said that the aim of true education is the harmonious development of body mind and soul, altogether. Education can be called real education if it brings about the development of all the faculties of a person. Unfortunately, our modern system of education falls short of all these yardsticks.

Although faults of this system are many, there is a near-total agreement on the fact that this system of education has helped in the development of our minds. It expands our knowledge on various subjects. It excites us sufficiently to do research and think critically. It broadens our outlook by giving us general and specialized knowledge. Our present system of education gives basic information about our culture and ethics. It makes us learn the rules of decency and politeness. In this contest, it cannot be denied that educated persons are better-behaved and culture than their illiterate counterparts.

Modern education also teaches a student the value of cooperation, harmony, and friendliness. It also makes a person confident about facing the future. It makes a person aware of his rights and duties towards the nation. Lastly, thanks to modern education Indian youth is today able to rapidly assimilate the latest technology that is available around the world and make the best use of it.

However, despite all its merits the modern system of education also has its share of demerits. It is often accused of overlooking the balance between the intellect, body, and soul. It has totally overlooked the physical development of the person by paying too much attention to the intellectual development. In fact, the truth of today is that the present system of education makes the student incapable of doing any physical labor.

Another defect of modern education is that it has made no provision for the development of the character of the person. It knows only to develop intellectually superior students, who when the time comes, fail miserably to exhibit the strength of character. It is these highly educated but morally weak students who have caused so much trouble and pain in the society.

Another glaring defect of the modern education system is that it is too rigid and does not make any provision for the vocational education of the student. Its rigidity confines the student to study only the previously defined groups of subjects. It does not leave a student to mix and match the subjects of his choice. This makes the student waste valuable time and energy. This is generally the cause of students losing complete interest in studies.

Lack of vocational studies leaves a student without any skills after he has finished his college education. He becomes another unemployed graduate in the employment market. In such cases, there are only two choices left to the student. One, he either spends some more years trying to acquire some professional skill, or two, he waits for some lucky chance which will give him a job.

Glaring defects of such nature call for urgent reforms at all levels of education. The need of the hour today is education student-friendly and employment-oriented system of education,


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